Why global feminism and food security go hand in hand

Matias Margulis / @Matias_Margulis

Matias E. Margulis is Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling, UK.

Matias E. Margulis is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Political Economy and Director of the Centre for Policy, Conflict and Cooperation Research at the University of Stirling, UK. A former Canadian delegate to the WTO, OECD and United Nations agencies, his research examines the nexus of global governance, international trade and food security. His work has been published in Global Governance, World Trade Review, Globalizations, Current Opinion on Environmental Sustainability and Geopolitics. He is the editor of The Global Political Economy of Raúl Prebisch (Routledge 2017) and co-editor with Nora McKeon and Jun Borras of Land Grabbing and Global Governance (Routledge 2014). In 2017 he authored a report "Canada's food and nutrition strategies" for the Brooking Institution examining Canada’s development aid policies to end hunger and support sustainable agriculture.

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