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Madelaine Drohan / @mdrohan

Canada correspondent, The Economist

Madelaine Drohan is the Canada correspondent for The Economist and contributes regularly to its sister company, the Economist Intelligence Unit. She is also a senior fellow at the Graduate School for Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. For the last 40 years, she has covered business and politics in Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. She has written in the past for The Financial Times (UK), appeared as a commentator on BBC Radio (UK), ABC Radio (Australia), and CBC Radio, and worked in Canada for The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, Maclean’s, and The Canadian Press.

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Canada’s cannabis conundrum

Canada’s cannabis conundrum

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June 28, 2019

Can Canada call for a rules-based order while violating international conventions? Madelaine Drohan reports on tensions brewing over the country's drug laws.