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Imagining a new foreign policy for Canada’s left

Luke Savage / @LukewSavage

Toronto-based writer

Luke Savage is a staff writer for Jacobin magazine. His work has appeared in Current Affairs, the Globe and Mail, The Guardian, and the New Statesman.

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Accounting for Histories: 150 Years of Canadian Maple Washing

Accounting for Histories: 150 Years of Canadian Maple Washing

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June 1, 2017

As Canada marks its 150th
anniversary, Luke Savage looks at why its image as a multicultural,
multilateral country of peacekeepers, drawn from an era now gone by, persists
despite bearing little relation to its present actions on the world stage. Does
this sanitized national narrative hold the country back from imagining
something better?

Mark Canada’s ‘moment,’ but with more honest self-examination

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November 1, 2016

Since the election of the Trudeau Liberals a year ago, we have witnessed a particularly aggressive reassertion of the liberal nationalism that has officially defined Canada since the 1960s. Stephen Marche’s essay “Canadian Exceptionalism” is perhaps the best summation yet seen of the sentiments prevailing in our country at the present time—both in how it […]