Khaled Fattah

Dr. Khaled Fattah is a guest lecturer at Lund University in Sweden. In addition to a number of post graduate studies in the fields of intercultural communication, cultural psychology and development studies, Dr. Fattah holds a PhD in international relations from the University of St Andrews in the UK. He has worked as a lecturer and trainer for the Netherlands Royal Tropical Institute, and as a lead researcher, senior consultant and regional expert for the German international development cooperation sector, the EU and UN organizations in the Middle East. Dr Fattah is often interviewed and quoted in international media outlets as a distinguished expert on Yemen and state-tribe relations in the Arab world. His forthcoming academic works are entitled “Political Modernization in Tribal Middle Eastern Societies” and “Tribes and Revolutions in the Middle East.”

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The Terrorist Mind

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March 6, 2013

Khaled Fattah on why we need to wage war on the emotions of extremism, not on the countries where extremism is spreading.