John Mundy

Former Canadian Diplomat

John Mundy is a former Canadian diplomat with 31 years of experience in the Federal Public Service. Before retiring in 2008, he held senior diplomatic appointments in Trinidad and Tobago, Iran and Australia. In 2007 John was appointed Canadian Ambassador to Iran during a very difficult time in bilateral relations. At the end of that year, when attempts to agree upon a reciprocal exchange of Ambassadors between Iran and Canada failed, he was expelled by President Ahmadinejad and diplomatic relations were down-graded. He is now writing a book about his experience. He writes and speaks about Iran in the Ottawa Citizen, the Globe and Mail and CBC. Earlier in his career he held policy positions with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Environment Canada, the Asian Development Bank and Canada’s Export Development Corporation. Besides working on Iran and Middle Eastern diplomacy, Mr. Mundy worked on financing the sale of the CANDU reactor to China in 1999; he was the public face of Canada during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000; and, he assisted Minister Stephan Dion in 2006 when he chaired the UN Conference on Climate Change in Montreal and successfully brought the Kyoto Protocol into effect. He has an undergraduate degree in economics and political science from Queens University, an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and a French certificate from the Universite de Dijon in France.

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Iran’s Nuclear Gamble

Iran’s Nuclear Gamble

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January 18, 2013

The challenge of Iran’s nuclear program will be one of the defining issues of this decade argues John Mundy.