Jack MacLennan / @JackAdMac

PhD candidate at Carleton University

Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Jack has an Honours Bachelor’s degree (Political Science) from St. Thomas University, a Master of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Windsor, as well as a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Currently, Jack is a Doctoral Candidate in the Political Science Department at Carleton University in Ottawa. Jack’s dissertation work theorizes the relationship between advances in military technology and how concepts of space have come to dominate the practice of humanitarian intervention undertaken by Western states. Beyond his formal academic work, Jack is also a Senior Research Supervisor and Junior Fellow of the Canadian Centre for the Responsibly to Protect. As a member of CCR2P, Jack oversees a team of researchers at Carleton University who report on the policy implications of military technology for global efforts to prevent mass atrocity crimes. More broadly, Jack’s interests align with the relationship between technology and intervention, changing practical logics of intervention, the nexus between political debate and technology, as well as the current practical status of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine. He lives in Gatineau, Quebec, with his wife Samantha.

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