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Community editor for environment, News Deeply

Ian is the community editor for environment at News Deeply. Before joining News Deeply, he was a freelance science journalist in Boston with a focus on environmental law and policy. He has been published in Undark Magazine, FiveThirtyEight, Nautilus, and more. Ian grew up in California, and before getting into journalism he planned on becoming an ecologist. Instead, he pursued science writing and in 2016 he earned an MS in science journalism from Boston University. When he has spare time, Ian likes to get out and go hiking, backpacking and birding.

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What to expect from Finland’s Arctic Council leadership

What to expect from Finland’s Arctic Council leadership

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May 8, 2017

Technology, education and weather
forecasting in the Arctic region are priorities for the Nordic nation as it
assumes the council’s chairmanship this week, says Heather Exner-Pirot, the
managing editor of the Arctic Yearbook.