What Haiti taught me about good-intentioned policies and their colonial power structures

Chantel Cole / @Chantelcole_

Executive director, Women in International Security (WIIS)-Canada Toronto chapter

Chantel Cole is the executive director of the Toronto chapter of Women in International Security (WIIS)-Canada. She holds a Masters of Arts in Political Studies from Queen’s University and a Bachelors of Arts specialist honours degree in International Development from the University of Toronto. Chantel has extensive experience working in the non-profit and community development sector, most notably as a program assistant for an Indigenous community development organization in Guatemala called Maya-Mam Association for Research and Development (AMMID). In addition to Guatemala, Chantel has field experience in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, and in her hometown of Toronto where she worked as the international youth coordinator for OneChild, an organization dedicated to combatting the commercial sexual exploitation of children globally. Chantel will begin her doctoral studies with the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto in September 2020.

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