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A foreign policy midterm reality check for Canada

Bruce Mabley

Director, Mackenzie-Papineau Group

Dr. Bruce Mabley is presently the Director of the Mackenzie-Papineau Group think tank based in Montreal devoted to analysis of international politics. Dr. Mabley is a former Canadian diplomat and academic who has written a number of analytical and academic texts. In 2002, he was decorated by the French Republic as Chevalier des Palmes académiques.

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Hypocrisy and the Afghan detainee scandal

Hypocrisy and the Afghan detainee scandal

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July 27, 2016

The Canadian government condemned the recent suicide
attack on its embassy guards in Kabul as ‘cowardly’ while simultaneously
backing away from an inquiry into the Afghan detainee scandal. Is this a case
of the pot calling the kettle black?