Andreas Kyriakos

Director, Diplomats on Campus

Andreas Kyriakos is an undergraduate student pursuing a specialist degree in International Relations at Trinity College, in the University of Toronto, where he is a graduate of the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One program. His particular interests lie at the intersection of foreign policy and discourses on political economy and development. He serves as Director of Diplomats on Campus, which he co-founded in conjunction with the IR Society and Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History. He is also Director of Strategy and Conference Co-Director of the IR Society, and is affiliated with initiatives including the G7 Research Group at the Munk School of Global Affairs. He also sits on the executive of the University of Toronto Liberals. Andreas has previously worked at Kaiser Lachance Communications, a public relations firm, and at Design Exchange, Canada’s design museum.

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Q&A: Does the world look to Canada as it does to Germany?

Q&A: Does the world look to Canada as it does to Germany?

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March 9, 2016

German diplomat Walter Stechel on what unites Canada and Germany — CETA, refugee resettlement, soft power and finding a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis — and what sets the two countries apart.