2011 OpenCanada Content Glossary

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4 January, 2012

We have only been live for 6 months, but we have been busy.  Below is a chronicle of the content we have produced since our launch in August.  Here’s to the next year of debate, innovation and progress in the international affairs conversation.

Think Tanks:

For each Think Tank, we ask a group of experts and practitioners to reflect on an international policy issue.  Here are the subjects we explored in 2011.


Stand alone essays are individual long-form contributions


We have conducted a wide range of interviews, by phone, email, video recording and online chat.

Editorial Content

These stand alone pieces were developed in-house by our editorial staff.

Rapid Response Questions:

Each of the questions below, was sent to a group of Canadian international affairs experts.

The Roundtable:

Gregory Chin:

John Hancock:

Roland Paris:

André Pratte:

Jennifer Welsh:


Anouk Dey:

Jennifer Jeffs:

Taylor Owen: