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20 December, 2013
By: Khrystyna Kulyasa
OpenCanada.org Social Media Intern

Canadian diplomats and government officials may be lagging behind in the “digital diplomacy revolution” but the online Canadian foreign policy conversation has still widened and deepened significantly over the past year, thanks to more social media savvy figures in the Canadian foreign policy sphere.

While we here at OpenCanada would certainly like to see more official representatives stepping out on digital platforms, we have no doubt that with accounts like the ones listed below, the #cdnfp conversation will keep growing with style. Here are 10 go-to accounts for 2014:

Jarrett Reckseidler

Follow @jarrettreckse

Jarett’s timely commentary focuses on human rights and development issues at Canada’s EU mission. With an interactive feed that offers a glimpse into Canadian foreign policy in action, Reckseidler practices the twiplomacy he preaches.

Mark MacKinnon

Follow @markmackinnon

Senior International Correspondent for the Globe and Mail, Mark’s feed keeps tabs on everything China, and now with his move to London, UN aid efforts and EU issues as well. Stationed in London, Mark has also recently been on the ground in Kyiv providing terrific coverage of the #Euromaidan protests.

Roland Paris

Follow @rolandparis

As the Director of the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa, Paris chimes in with smart, edgy commentary on #cdnfp and foreign affairs, offering much needed critical perspective on Canada’s foreign policy agenda.

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Follow @AsiaPacificFdn

As Canada’s Asian ambitions expand, APF remains the go-to account for informative and engaging discussion on Canada-Asia relations.

Ambassador Bennett

Follow @FreedomReligion

The Ambassador of Religious Freedom is new to the Twitterverse but he is off to an impressive start, provoking discussion and engaging with his followers. Loose enough to joke about autocorrect amid tighter policy tweets, the Ambassador seems to be making most of the platform so far.

Stephen Saideman

Follow @smsaideman

Stephen’s witty mix of international affairs analysis, #cdnfp commentary, and reflections on academia never fails to catch our attention. A fearless crowdsourcer, Saideman’s feed sets a high bar for professors and policymakers alike.

The Canadian Consulate General in New York

Follow @CanadaNY

This account has got it all: updates on official business and events? Check. Wide range of world affairs coverage as well as interesting stories from around the web? Check. Pop culture references to mix it up? Check. As one of our only Twitter-active missions abroad, canadaNY is unmatched when it comes to cleverly promoting Canadian interests beyond the border.

Dalia Ezzat

Follow @DaliaEzzat_

Tweeting in multiple languages and commenting on issues in the Middle East and beyond, Dalia Ezzat stands out for her ability to speak to a global audience without losing her Toronto-based perspective.

Colin Freeze

Follow @Colinfreeze

Security, law, and technology are all fair game for this Toronto based national security reporter. If you’re looking for analysis of all things Snowden, NSA, or CSEC related, Colin Freeze is the man to follow.

Kyle Matthews

Follow @kylecmatthews

Tweeting in both official languages, Kyle is a terrific source for #R2P news and analysis, and also offers consistent, thoughtful commentary on world affairs. Recent discussions of note include Quebec politics, CAR developments, Syria, and Ukraine. 

For the full 2014 CIC Twitterati, check back in January. For our 2013 list, click here.

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