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Canada’s New Religious Obsession On Display in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is not about religious freedom. So why is Canada trying to portray it that way, asks Kyle Matthews.


The Messy State of Religious Freedom

Despite the challenge of defining and enforcing the right to freedom of religion, it would be wrong for Canada to stop trying, argues Jon Waind.


Religious Freedom: The Diplomatic Dimension

Anne Leahy, Canada’s representative to the Vatican, on how Canadian foreign policy can help protect religious freedom abroad.


Bringing Religion into Foreign Policy

To promote religious freedom internationally, Canadian policymakers must first debate this principle at home, argues Robert Joustra

For All Mankind

For All Mankind

Michael Van Pelt on why Canada’s new Office of Religious Freedom is an opportunity to build on our vibrant pluralist heritage.


Discussing Freedom of Religion or Belief

An online discussion on the freedom of religion or belief and the future of Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom featuring UN Special Rapporteur Heiner Bielefeldt.


Daniel Dennett: Religious Freedom Must Not Be Elevated Above Other Rights

 What can Canada expect to achieve by promoting religious freedom abroad?

Religion has a track record of providing good things like hope, love, freedom, and morality i…


Allen Hertzke: An Office of Religious Freedom Will Bring Canada Admiration

What can Canada expect to achieve by promoting religious freedom abroad?

The question can best be answered by posing it in another way: What can Canada contribute by …

Tony Burman: Keep Faith out of Foreign Policy

The former head of Al Jazeera English and CBC News explains that promoting religious freedom abroad may serve the immediate political interests of Canada, but will hu…


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