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When education becomes a terrorist target

In the wake of the school attack in Peshawar, Pakistan, global cooperation is needed to protect schools and students, says Kyle Matthews.


Make International Education a Two-Way Street

Relatively few Canadian students study abroad and it’s hurting Canada’s global engagement, argues Karen McBride.

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The Burgeoning Business of International Education

The benefits of cross-border education go beyond the fees that international students pay. It is increasingly a way for a country to project itself on the world stage. This graphic breaks down the flow of international students and where Canada fits in.


Time For a Fresh Curriculum

A report on Canada’s international education strategy.


After Genocide: Examining Legacy, Taking Responsibility

How do we teach the unthinkable, asks Warren Crichlow?


Lessons for World Leaders from Young Women

Empowering girls and women through education and entrepreneurship can help grow the global economy, argues Farah Mohamed.


More Bang For Your Education Buck

We follow the money by comparing average spending per student with how well those students performed in mathematics on the 2012 PISA ranking.


The Best in the World, For Better or Worse

South Korea scored high on the OECD PISA ranking, but Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay finds its students are paying a steep price for success.


Educating the Continent

Jennifer Jeffs on why Canada needs to forge educational ties with Mexico or risk being cut out of further North American integration.

Girl Rising

Want to Save the World?

Many girls in the developing world will grow up without ever entering a classroom. The Girl Rising campaign aims to change that. We asked Holly Gordon, the campaign’s executive director, to tell us how.