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Given the ever-growing importance of China and the enormous impact its growth is having and will continue to have on the world, it is critical that Canada be better prepared and equipped to manage its relations with China.

The CIC China Working Group examined Canada-China relations and prepared recommendations for the bilateral relationship in the context of three thematic areas: domestic contexts for engagement, economic relations between Canada and China, and collaboration between the two countries on global issues.

On October 13, 2010, the CIC China Papers were presented in China at a CIC-China Institute of International Studies conference marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and the People’s Republic of China.

CIC Research Fellows

Jason (Guangyu) Wang

CIC Research Associates

Charles Burton
Margaret Cornish

Working Group Members

Pitman Potter (Chair)
Brian Job
Jeremy Paltiel
Yuen Pau Woo


Canada-China Space Engagement: Opportunities and Prospects
Wade L. Huntley | February 2011. China Papers. No.20
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The Dragon Returns:
Canada in China’s Quest for Energy Security

Wenran Jiang | October 2010. China Papers. No.19
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Canadian Studies in China
Brian L. Evans | August 2010. China Papers. No.18
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Misunderstanding and Miscalculation: How China Sees Canada in the World
Scott McKnight | August 2010. China Papers. No.17
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Global Transnational Crime: Canada and China
Margaret Beare | July 2010. China Papers. No.16
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The Canada-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group
Myles Hulme | July 2010. China Papers. No.15
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Chinese Industry and Foreign Economic Policy: Lessons for Canada
Wenran Jiang | July 2010. China Papers. No.14
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The Global Governance of Biotechnology: Mediating Chinese and Canadian Interests
Yves Tiberghien | July 2010. China Papers. No.13
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China’s Capacity to Respond to the H1N1 Pandemic Alert and Future Global Public Health Crises: A Policy Window For Canada
Lesley Jacobs | June 2010. China Papers. No.12
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China and the Arctic: Threat or Cooperation Potential for Canada?
Frédéric Lasserre | May 2010. China Papers. No.11
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Flows of People and the Canada-China Relationship
Kenny Zhang | May 2010. China Papers. No.10
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Bridging “Forbidden” and “True North” Nations: Taiwan’s Agency in Canada’s China Policy
Der-yuan Wu | March 2010. China Papers. No.9
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Structure and Process in Chinese Foreign Policy: Implications for Canada
Jeremy Paltiel | March 2010. China Papers. No.8
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China’s Cyberspace Control Strategy: An Overview and Consideration
of Issues for Canadian Policy

Ronald Deibert | February 2010. China Papers. No. 7
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Canada in China’s Grand Strategy
Jeremy Paltiel | January 2010. China Papers. No. 6
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China as an Environmentally Responsible Global Citizen
Arthur J. Hanson | January 2010. China Papers. No. 5
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Benchmarking Canada-China Economic Relations
Victor Z. Chen | January 2010. China Papers. No. 4
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Working with China towards a New International Institutional Architecture: A Strategic Partnership with Canada on Global Issues of Mutual Interest
Barry Carin and Gordon Smith | January 2010. China Papers. No. 3
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Immigrants from China to Canada: Issues of Supply and Demand of Human Capital
Peter S. Li | January 2010. China Papers. No. 2
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Ensuring Canadians Safe Access to Pharmaceutical Products through
Canada-China Cooperation

Catherine Côté | January 2010. China Papers. No. 1
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The Development of China’s Forestry Sector and its Implications for Canada
Jason (Guangyu) Wang | September 2009. Foreign Policy for Canada’s Tomorrow. No. 6
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A Reassessment of Canada’s Interests in China
Charles Burton | February 2009. A Changing World. No. 4
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