Following Canada’s declaration that crimes against the Rohingya constitute ‘genocide,’ Payam Akhavan asks: Do the refugee camps in Bangladesh hold the key to prosecutions by the International Criminal Court?


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A chance at justice for the Rohingya?

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Following Canada’s declaration that crimes against the Rohingya constitute ‘genocide,’ Payam Akhavan asks: Do the refugee camps in Bangladesh hold the key to prosecutions by the International Criminal Court?

For women foreign ministers and activists, a historic first in Montreal

At the first official Women Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Canada provided a window for activists to shape ideas about what a feminist foreign policy should look like. Those present tell OpenCanada’s Catherine Tsalikis what they’ll be watching for from the ministers going forward. 
citizenship ceremony

Three ways to rethink the concept of citizenship

As tech experts, entrepreneurs, activists and academics from around the world gathered for the annual 6 Degrees forum, we asked participants john a. powellRenata Avila and Jai Sahak to give their vision for a future citizenry.
Bahai's in Yemen

A call to protect the Baha’i minority in Yemen

At the UN this week, Justin Trudeau said Canada will stand up for minorities around the world. As Yemen’s sham trials against Baha’is intensify, an international group calls for action.

Canada and the World, Ep. 8: Trump, the UN and women in security

This episode of Canada and the World looks at this week’s events at the UN General Assembly, and the importance of adding gender to discussions there and elsewhere. Podcast host Bessma Momani is joined by Alistair D. Edgar, Richard Gowan and Maria Panezi. 



Now or never

This summer, Canadians learned of the daring rescue that transported 106 of Syria’s White Helmets and more than 300 of their family members to safety. In Maclean’s, Terry Glavin has new details about how the operation, spurred on by Canadian diplomats, came together, and also about why only a fraction of the volunteers originally intended to be rescued were saved. 

Warning from Europe

In this Atlantic essay, journalist Anne Applebaum has a warning for Americans: when it comes to polarization, the worst might be yet to come. From Poland to Hungary to Greece — where history feels circular, rather than linear — Applebaum reports on the deep divides entrenched in European society, both at present and in the past. 


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Nuclear Policy, Politics and Risks in the Trump Administration

Oct. 2, 2018, Ottawa
A lecture by Joe Cirincione, president the Ploughshares Fund.
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Canada – Japan Relations: The Way Forward

Oct. 4, 2018, Toronto
A panel discussion on the Japan-Canada relationship, with a visiting delegation from Japan.
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Cinema Series: "Human Flow"

Oct. 17, 2018, Waterloo
A screening of the 2017 documentary Human Flow, a film directed by activist and artist Ai Weiwei.

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