What did the international community achieve this week? And was it enough? We asked experts to weigh in.


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Breaking down the UN summits on refugees and migrants

Trudeau UN summit
What did the international community achieve this week? And was it enough? We asked experts to weigh in. 

A Barbarian Abroad: Alexandre Trudeau and the call of China

Filmmaker and author Alexandre Trudeau on his family’s fascination with China, the state of Chinese-Canadian relations under his brother’s government, and why, when it comes to human rights, his hardest demands are reserved for his own country.

Finding Home: An exploration of inclusive societies

As the world faces the challenges of mass migration, inequality and xenophobia, an important conversation emerges around the models of pluralism that are working, and those that are in desperate need of innovation. With the new initiative in Canada called 6 Degrees — a three day event which took place this week — OpenCanada curated this series on inclusion to further the discussion. 
Refugees in Austria

Pluralism Policies That Work: A call for more radical thinking

How can we create more welcoming and compassionate societies? One policy at a time. Here are nine initiatives to better promote inclusion, from a cross-section of speakers at this week’s 6 Degrees forum, including Ratnar Omidvar, Bessma Momani, Madeleine Redfern, Naheed Nenshi, and more.

Five questions with Jennifer Welsh, Canada’s 2016 Massey lecturer

Former UN Special Adviser Jennifer Welsh on the importance of refugee burden-sharing, how pluralism and equality go hand in hand, and how Francis Fukuyama’s ‘end of history’ may not have been the end, after all. 

Bravery, Resilience and Loyalty: The story of a new Canadian

As the descendant of a determined Apache woman from Mexico, Luis Horacio Najera’s identity has been shaped by his heritage. Only recently did he realize how important that history was in carving out his place as a new Canadian. 


The wives of Boko Haram

For Al JazeeraChika Oduah spends time in a safe house in Nigeria with "the women who love and loved" soldiers fighting for terrorist organization Boko Haram. Her interviews reveal complicated sentiments on the part of the young women meant to be taking part in a de-radicalization program. Some are eager to move on, but many others profess admiration for their husbands - and for the crimes they have perpetrated. 

Crossing Israel, with help

"In a perfect world there would be decent hospitals for the Palestinian people," writes Shaul Adar. In the real world, though, it's up to Road to Recovery, a group of Israeli volunteers, to drive sick Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip to hospitals in Israel where they can be treated. Adar goes along for the ride in this piece from The Atlantic.


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CIC Victoria: Canada’s Relationship with China (Politics in the Pub)

Sept. 26, 2016, Victoria
CIC Victoria’s pub nights resume with a discussion with expert speakers Jonathan Manthorpe and Jim Boutilier.
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WTO Public Forum Panel: Transparency and the Proliferation of Regional Trade Agreements

Sept. 27, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
This panel will discuss the potential exclusionary properties of RTAs and how these can be mitigated by the establishment of enhanced transparency mechanisms in the WTO. 
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CIC Saskatoon: Recent Developments in Turkey

Sept. 28, 2016, Saskatoon
CIC Saskatoon is pleased to welcome Chris Kilford, a well-respected voice on issues of Turkey and the Middle East. Mr Kilford will also be visiting CIC Edmonton and Calgary.
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CIC Halifax: Clinton or Trump? The State of the U.S. Election and the Aftermath for Canada

Sept. 30, 2016, Halifax
Christopher Sands will provide an analysis of how we arrived at today’s dynamic Trump/Clinton race, what to expect and how the election will affect Canada.

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