Is the alliance showing enough might against Russia? Should Turkey’s crackdown on military officials be worrying? Krista Hessey recaps this month's NATO event in Toronto.  


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Four things NATO experts (still) can’t agree on

Is the alliance showing enough might against Russia? Should Turkey’s crackdown on military officials be worrying? Krista Hessey recaps this month's NATO event in Toronto.  
War Click Away

The War is Just a Click Away

A new series on the intersection of cyber security and conflict, featuring Naheed Mustafa’s in-depth article on people living in the digital shadows of the Syrian war; an expert debate on what the Syrian conflict reveals about innovation in cyber conflict; tips for digital safety when communicating with people at risk; and an analysis of the politics of social media depictions of Syrian refugees. With more to come. 

What social media posts tell us about the politics of the refugee crisis

Alexandra Siegel and Chris Tenove explain how analysis of more than one million Twitter posts reveals the political maneuvering in portrayals of Syrian refugees, and the global pivot on the issue triggered by the image of Alan Kurdi in 2015. The latest in the series The War is Just a Click Away
Chibok girls

Why the Chibok girls are a reminder radicalization doesn’t discriminate between genders

Some of the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in 2014 do not want to return home. Are some of them radicalized? Simon Palamar looks at what that means and why such a discussion is often avoided. 
Venezuela protests

Maduro just crossed the line — is it time the OAS made Venezuela a ‘pariah state’?

As the Maduro regime cancels the leadership referendum process, the Organization of American States cannot ignore its antidemocratic actions any longer, writes former ambassador Allan Culham.


The cost of gold

For one Canadian mining company, tallying the price of gold requires accounting for rampant sexual assault, violence and environmental degradation. For the The Walrus magazineRichard Poplak reports from Papua New Guinea where impoverished locals enjoy no benefits of "pure capitalism" as Canadian lawmakers and industry leaders struggle to develop a framework to monitor companies abroad. 

Rojava, Syrian Kurds' democratic haven

For the Atlantic, Si Sheppard travelled to northern Syria where a radical democratic experiment is underway in the city of Rojava. Syrian Kurds have established a pluralistic haven in the war-torn region, where women are embraced as equals and all ethnicities are welcome. The garrison state's future is uncertain, however, as neighbouring states grow hostile to its Western principles.


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Politics @ The Pub: U.S. Presidential Election Party

Nov. 8, 2016, Edmonton
A U.S. Presidential Election Party featuring speakers Dr. Greg Anderson and Monty Ball. 
CIGI Acronym Logo

U.S. Election Viewing Party

Nov. 8, 2016, Waterloo
CIGI is hosting a live viewing party of the 2016 U.S. election. Chat with policy experts as the poll results come in.
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The Tehran Test: How human rights cases in Iran are putting Canada’s foreign policy approach to the test

Nov. 22, 2016, Ottawa
Join OpenCanada and CIPS for a panel on the challenges of diplomatic relations with Iran, how trade factors in, the role of the UN and the critical questions ahead for the current government. Featuring journalist Michael Petrou, human rights activist Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, professor Thomas Juneau and OpenCanada's Eva Salinas.

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