As leaders meet in Argentina for the annual G20 summit, the architects of the international forum reflect on “one of the great Canadian inventions.” 


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Can the G20 save globalization's waning reputation?

As leaders meet in Argentina for the annual G20 summit, the architects of the international forum reflect on “one of the great Canadian inventions," in this in-depth piece from Catherine Tsalikis.

Why Europe’s proposed new army is a problem for Canada

The proposal of a new defence mechanism is understandable, given Europe’s relationship with the US, but it puts Canada in a tricky position, writes Michael Petrou.

Canada and the World, Ep. 17: The rise of China

An all-star panel chats with podcast host Bessma Momani on what you need to know to understand what is happening within China at the moment, from surveillance to industry to the One Belt, One Road initiative, and why the world should care. 
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G7 Host to G20 Participant: What can Canada offer the 2018 summit in Buenos Aires?

In Case You Missed It: Andrew Liu explains what the G7 and G20 host countries have in common — a shared vision on soil conservation, green bonds and infrastructure development — and how they might work together. 


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Spotlight on China

The New York Times has launched a five-part series seeking to answer the question: how did China become the superpower it is today? The project looks at how China, on track to surpass the American economy, rejected Western economic wisdom and achieved “social economic mobility unrivaled by much of the world.” Here, Megan Specia lays out the key takeaways.

Cover up in the Congo

In 2017, two United Nations investigators, an American and a Swede, were brutally murdered in the Congo while looking into local killings. But 20 months later, no one has been brought to justice, and many of the details remain obscured. Why has the UN tried to cover up the Congolese government’s involvement? Colum Lynch reports for Foreign Policy.


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The Future Of Mexico And Canada-Mexico Trade Relations: What Can We Expect From Mexico’s New President?

Dec. 4, 2018, Ottawa
A presentation on what to expect as Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumes the Mexican presidency.
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Securing Canadian Elections

Dec. 4, 2018, Vancouver
A panel examining the global trends of social media manipulation, who is trying to undermine Canadian elections, and what to expect during Canada’s 2019 elections.
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The Year Ahead: An International Security, Intelligence and Defence Outlook for Canada for 2019

Dec. 7, 2018, Ottawa
Join panelists from across Canada, the United States and parts of Europe to discuss looming threats, future challenges and Canada’s changing position in the world.

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