True to form, Canada’s former ambassador to the UN speaks frankly about making the organization fairer and more efficient, its greatest successes and its most worrying failures.


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In conversation with Stephen Lewis, the United Nations’ sharpest critic and greatest champion

Stephen Lewis
Canada’s former ambassador to the UN speaks with OpenCanada's Eva Salinas on making the organization fairer and more efficient, its greatest successes and its most worrying failures.

The rise and influence of the foreign policy think tank

A conversation with Rohinton Medhora and John de Boer on think tanks: their contributions, the link between their reach and a country’s standing in global affairs and their future in Canada.

All eyes on COP21

Tens of thousands of people are expected to gather for next week's Paris climate summit – Lauren Kaljur sets out what you need to know.

Is excluding Syria’s unaccompanied men evidence-based policy?

Single men are overwhelmingly victims of the war in Syria; restricting their migration to Canada is wrong, argues Simon Palamar.

So long, Kirchners

Years of Kirchner rule in Argentina contributed to polarized politics in the Western Hemisphere, but the arrival of a new government offers a reset, explains Allan Culham
Trudeau at APEC

Turning East: A pivot to Asia for Canada’s new foreign policy

As the TPP reminds us, Canada is a Pacific nation. But relations with the Asia-Pacific must go beyond trade, write Benoit Hardy-Chartrand and Tina J. Park.


the guardian

The struggle for Mali

Following last week’s attack on a luxury hotel in Bamako, Jack Watling and Paul Raymond delve into the ideological schism in Mali that’s become increasingly pronounced since the 2012 occupation by jihadists. “It is a security nightmare for west Africa,” they write in The Guardian, “and increasingly for Europe, which fears the creation of yet another haven for terrorism.”
The New Yorker

The Islamic State's 'capital city'

It’s a tale of two Raqqas – one where residents were free, and another that has been proclaimed the Islamic State's de-facto capital city, where beheadings are commonplace and women are whipped for not covering up. At great risk, the group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently is trying to get the message out. David Remnick reports for The New Yorker.


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Counter-Terrorism on the High Seas: Why is Canada’s Involvement Necessary?

Dec. 2, 2015, Waterloo
Commodore Brian Santarpia of the Royal Canadian Navy will discuss Canada's role in maritime counter-terrorism efforts around the world.
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The Syrian Refugee Crisis – Its Significance in Global Affairs & Canada’s Response

Dec. 10, 2015, Ottawa
Our panel of experts will discuss Canada’s commitment to receive 25,000 Syrian refugees.

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