Cyber-security experts, hackers and civil society advocates recommend six ways to push back against global digital threats to civil society.


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With authoritarianism and state surveillance on the rise, how can civil society be protected from digital threats?

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Cyber-security experts, hackers and civil society advocates recommend six ways to push back against global digital threats to civil society. Our final piece in the War is Just a Click Away series.
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Canadian fighter plane decisions – same old song?

The Liberals’ announcement to postpone the decision on Canada’s aging fighter jets by five years smacks of the “non-decisions” made by the previous Conservative government, argues Steve Saideman.

A call for political courage to solve the world’s most dire problems

Are the world’s most pressing problems unsolvable? Not so, says Foreign Affairs editor Jonathan Tepperman. OpenCanada’s Krista Hessey chats with him about his new book, the need for gutsy global leadership and what other countries can learn from Canada.

Faced with Trump’s threats to cancel the TPP, how should China’s neighbours react?

Japan and other East Asian countries desperately need the Trans-Pacific Partnership to counter China’s influence and guard against its encroachment. But if the agreement fails, how can Canada help? By Anthony Imbrogno.


Saving old Sulaimania

In the late 1700s, a Kurdish prince returned home to Iraq from his studies abroad with a dream of building a diverse and cosmopolitan city. The result was Sulaimania, which attracted royals, philosophers, poets, tradesmen and refugees of all stripes. But now, 232 years later, what is left of the city's urban past is under threat, as Tanya Goudsouzian reports for Al Jazeera.

Guardians of the forest

The United Nations has warned that if the destruction of the world's forests continues at its current rate, "not a single square meter of forest" will be left in 80 years. For Spiegel OnlineJacopo Ottaviani  and Isacco Chiaf visit the Indonesian rainforest, where activists are working to stop man-made fires and commercial development activity using everything from their bare hands to drones. 


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Canada and the UN: Are We Getting Back in the Game?

Nov. 29, 2016, Ottawa
A timely debate on the prospects for Canada’s future relations with the UN. Featuring a panel of distinguished experts.
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Imperial Waves: The BBC and 1930s Canadian Broadcasting

Nov. 29, 2016, Nipissing
A presentation by Dr. Sean Graham, historian of North American media and broadcasting.
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Combatting Human Trafficking in Vietnam

Dec. 1, 2016, Saskatoon
Dr. Carin Holroyd of the Vietnam Education Society will discuss the magnitude of the problem of human trafficking in Vietnam. 

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