How did inequality within indigenous communities — the most serious, current consequence being the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women — creep from out of mind to front of news coverage? It involved much determination, passion, and love.  Journalist Angela Sterritt brings to life six stories from a movement finally resonating in Canada. 


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A Movement Rises

Journalist Angela Sterritt brings to life six stories from a movement finally resonating in Canada, that of missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Europe's refugee crisis

With Paris attacks, Europe’s identity crisis deepens

World media attempted to put a human face on refugees, but now, with recent terror attacks, ISIL is pitting ‘foreigners’ against Europeans. Can the EU emerge from this united? By Jeremy Kinsman.

Is Canada establishing a precedent on deficits?

A reflection from Kimon Valaskakis on the meaning of debt, and how Justin Trudeau is reviving an appreciation for its place in the economy.

The Politics of Inequality

Our series with the Lind Initiative at UBC's Liu Institute for Global Issues, with new pieces this week from economist Miles Corak, Greek journalist Nick Malkoutzis, and video interviews with Jeffrey Sachs, Jill Abramson and Elizabeth May.
Vietnam textiles

Breaking down the monster TPP text

As Josh Scheinert explains, each chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership requires close inspection and public consultation. But if successful, the TPP has the potential to be much more than a trade deal — it’s a bold experiment in supranational government. 
Xi Jinping

G20 Summit: China prepares to take the reins

China succeeds Turkey as G20 chair next month. As Barry Carin asks, what should its priorities be?


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From one refugee to another

At first, a 75-year-old German and a 22-year-old Syrian have little in common. But on closer inspection, one is a refugee in today's crisis, and the other, now thriving, also had to leave his home many years ago. The Globe and Mail's Joanna Slater tells the story of an unlikely friendship. 
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The red mercury scam

For decades, ISIS and other terrorists groups have been willing to pay large sums for a lethal substance called red mercury - "the stuff of doomsday daydreams." But as C.J. Chivers explains in The New York Times, the broad consensus among nonproliferation specialists is that this super-weapon does not exist.


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China's Slowdown and Implications for the World Economy

Nov. 24, 2015, Toronto
A discussion with with Mr. Shang-Jin Wei, Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank.
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Tackling climate change: Are we at a turning point?

Nov. 24, 2015, London, ON
Featuring Domenico Lombardi, director of CIGI's Global Economy program, overseeing the research direction and related activities.
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After the nuclear deal: Iran’s failed foreign policy

Nov. 25, 2015, Toronto
The University of Ottawa's Thomas Juneau will discuss his recent book, Squandered Opportunity, in which he explores the causes and consequences of Iran’s failed and costly policies.

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