Will a new Liberal government translate rhetoric into substance at the upcoming Paris climate summit?


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COP21: What is Canada’s role?

Will a new Liberal government translate rhetoric into substance at the upcoming Paris climate summit? By Lauren Kaljur. 

10 reasons to love ‘Global Affairs Canada’

When Trudeau announced the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development would now be known as Global Affairs Canada, many of you loved the change. Here’s why.


The six dangers of overreacting to terrorism

As Benoit Gomis explains, terrorism is a problem to be managed, rather than an existential threat. Our response to the issue needs to be rational and proportional to avoid unintended consequences. 

Q&A: Deepa Mehta on the worlds of crime and assimilation

The Canadian filmmaker chats with OpenCanada's Catherine Tsalikis about the inspiration behind her latest project, Beeba Boys, and how far gangsters will go to fit in and "be seen."

How to align the financial sector with the fight against climate change

While the G20 meets in Turkey, it must look into regulations that will help channel capital into investments that are positive for the environment. By Olaf Weber.

Harder, better, faster, stronger: The making of the future soldier

Technology can help build a stronger warrior, but, as Stéfanie von Hlatky and H. Christian Breede ask, when it comes to human beings, how far can we push the limits? 



China's one-child policy

Last week China lifted its one-child policy, introduced in the '70s as a way of controlling its population. "The consequences will be felt for generations—even in Canada, where more than 20,000 Chinese children, mostly girls, were adopted," writes Evan Solomon for Maclean'sas he chronicles his own family's pilgrimage back tZhanjiang, where he and his wife first found their daughter.
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The Displaced

This multimedia feature focuses on the nearly 30 million children from all over - Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Libya, Nigeria, Honduras, El Salvador, Myanmar, Bangladesh - who have been driven from their homes by conflict. Through text, photographs, and - ground-breakingly - virtual reality, The New York Times highlights the stories of three of these children. 


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Climate Change - Ottawa, and the Provinces, are Going to Paris

Nov. 18, 2015, Ottawa
Join this timely panel of experts for a discussion of the complex, and sometimes controversial, politics and science of climate change.
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Tackling climate change: Are we at a turning point?

Nov. 24, 2015, London, ON
Featuring Domenico Lombardi, director of CIGI's Global Economy program, overseeing the research direction and related activities.
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China's Slowdown and Implications for the World Economy

Nov. 24, 2015, Toronto
A discussion with with Mr. Shang-Jin Wei, Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank.

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