Donald Trump’s surprise win this week has many wondering what the impact will be on trade, regional politics and even political science as we know it. OpenCanada rounds up some of this week's best reactions.


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Canada’s policymakers, academics react to Trump win

Trump win
Donald Trump’s surprise win has many wondering what the impact will be on trade, regional politics and even political science as we know it. OpenCanada rounds up some of this week's best reactions.

Three Trump positions that should concern Canadians

Donald Trump said many things during the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign that caused unease. Here are just three of Trump’s campaign promises that Canadians specifically will be closely watching. By Krista Hessey.

In search of the facts, and a fixer, in Syria

In her award-winning book, journalist Deborah Campbell recounts the months she spent looking for her missing fixer and translator in Damascus. She speaks with OpenCanada's Catherine Tsalikis about her search, the Syrian conflict and the problems plaguing today’s foreign news coverage.    
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View from New York: With Clinton’s loss, a revolution fails

Hillary Clinton represented a vision of the United States in which women, African-Americans and Latinos would share power. Instead, argues Stephen Blank, American voters reached for a mythical past.

Canadian Exceptionalism

Are we really an exception? In case you missed our series last week, Stephen Marche asks: How is it that Canada has Trudeau while the United States has Trump? With rebuttals from John Ibbitson, Susan Delacourt, Luke Savage and Andray Domise



Return to a home in ruins

In Qaraqosh, just south of Mosul in Iraq, seven nuns return home after fleeing the Islamic State in 2014, faced with a city - and churches - in ruins. "This was once a town where Christians and Muslims lived together in relative peace and harmony," writes Adnan Khan for Maclean's. ISIS' "only success here has been to reduce that trust to a pile of rubble alongside the towns and villages it has ravaged."
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Mass blinding in Kashmir

"The state convinces itself that it has the power to inflict blindness. In no time, then, it blinds itself too – to the character of democracy," writes Mirza Waheed for The Guardian. In this eloquent piece, Waheed describes the summer protests in Kashmir that were met with ruthless brutality from Indian security forces who fired metal pellets at demonstrators and civilians alike, leaving hundreds blinded.


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Address by Tim Lane, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada

Nov. 16, 2016, Waterloo
CIGI is pleased to present a public address by Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada Timothy Lane.
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Coping on the Coast: The ‘Big One’ and International Disaster Relief

Nov. 17, 2016, Vancouver
Lunchtime panel with the Honourable Yamamoto, Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, and Johanna Wagstaffe, CBC Meteorologist and Seismologist.
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Combatting Daesh: Updates from Joint Task Force Iraq

Nov. 17, 2016, Saskatoon
Colonel James Irvine, who served as commander of JTF Iraq, will share his experiences and his insights.

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