In its second week of unrest, Chile, long seen as Latin America’s ‘economic miracle,’ is quickly becoming ground zero for social policy reform. Is change possible?


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Chile — from neoliberal to social policy experiment?

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In its second week of unrest, Chile, long seen as Latin America’s ‘economic miracle,’ is quickly becoming ground zero for social policy reform. Is change possible? By Eva Salinas.

Palantir’s big push into Canada

As Justin Ling writes, the data mining giant is branching out in Canada — now with a Trudeau ally heading its operations here. Should Canadians be concerned?
Pope and the Amazon

The Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples: Unlikely allies in the fight to save the Amazon

From Peru, David Agren reports on efforts toward — and challenges to — reconciliation and climate protection in South America.

A minority government is a win for Canada’s climate agenda — but communication will be key

With the Liberals, NDP and Greens working together on policy, there is a chance to push a progressive climate agenda — if the right stories are told, argues Kamyar Razavi.

Bringing human rights standards to content moderation on social media

The regulation of speech by contract fails to provide adequate transparency and protection for freedom of expression and other human rights. Pierre François Docquir asks: Could models such as ARTICLE 19's Social Media Council help? Part of a new essay series from on platform governance.


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Shuttered schools

This week, India formally stripped Kashmir of its special status and divided it into two new territories. For The New York Times, Sameer Yasir and Jeffrey Gettleman report from the region, where soldiers and militants prowl the streets. At least 1.5 million Kashmiri students are out of school, and young people worry for their future. “My dream of becoming a doctor is ruined,” one said. “Sometimes I wonder why was I even born here.”

What ISIS left behind

For Maclean’s, Adnan Khan visited Northern Syria, reporting on how the ghosts of the world’s most violent terror group are still felt “in the tunnels they have left behind and the mines they planted; in the tens of thousands of their faceless, black-clad female followers haunting refugee camps; and in the thousands more of their dead fighters.” Given recent developments, will ISIS remain contained?


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An Evening Of Networking With Globally-Focused Professionals

Nov. 5, 2019, Halifax
A panel discussion and networking event for students, new graduates, young professionals and others with an interest in careers with an international dimension.
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Shifting Powers: A Discussion with NORAD on Innovation and the Evolving Threatscape

Nov. 7, 2019, Waterloo
Lieutenant-General Christopher Coates, NORAD deputy commander, will offer insights on the evolving threatscape in an ongoing effort to enable discussions on North America’s current and evolving threats.
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Democracy Versus Democracy: The Crisis of Liberal Constitutionalism

Nov. 7, 2019, Toronto
A lecture by Michael Ignatieff, president of Central European University in Budapest, on the crisis of populism facing democracies around the world.

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