With a June 9 panel on the state of leftist foreign policy, OpenCanada marks its fifth anniversary! Join our team, The New Republic's Jeet Heer, The Nation's Sarah Leonard, and Postmedia's Terry Glavin at CSI Spadina.


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OpenCanada is turning 5!

Does a leftist foreign policy exist? Join our editorial team, along with The New Republic's Jeet Heer, The Nation's Sarah Leonard, and Postmedia's Terry Glavin for a discussion to mark our fifth anniversary, at CSI Spadina in Toronto on June 9. Space is limited — RSVP here.

Could Trudeau’s Japan visit give Canada’s innovation brand a boost?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his Japanese counterpart this week — can entrepreneurialism and innovation breathe new life into bilateral economic relations? Canada's former ambassador to Japan Len Edwards identifies five areas of cooperation to consider.

The Perpetual Debate: Can Canada ever be ‘back’?

Antony Anderson interviewed prominent Canadians more than a decade ago on Canada’s role on the global stage. Revisiting his resulting film shows how views then and now of our international engagement are not that different. 

Venezuela, after midnight

As a friend of Canada’s former ambassador to Venezuela Allan Culham relays a frightening recent run-in with a criminal gang, a portrait emerges of a country in economic and political tatters. Is a new dawn possible for the South American country?  
Trump immigrant deportation

The practical ammo against Trump’s deportation plan

While Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants out of U.S. sets off ethical alarm bells, here’s why it would also be a logistical nightmare. By Stephen Blank.
Northwest Passage

Why Arctic sea routes won’t be the preferred shipping choice

Climate change may be opening up northern sea routes, but, as Hugh Stephens writes, implications for global shipping may be less advantageous than for Canada’s relations with Asia.  


The great Swiss bank heist

In The New Yorker, Patrick Radden Keefe tells the story of Hervé Falciani, a computer technician who stole client data about the wealthy elite from H.S.B.C. in 2008. The theft became a source of tension between the French authorities who came into possession of the documents, and the Swiss authorities who saw their country’s reputation for financial secrecy facing a crisis.

The next global scientific powerhouse

This slick BBC Magazine piece explores what’s possible when a reverse brain drain draws Chinese scientists home from overseas. From pig cornea transplants to the largest radio telescope ever built, Rebecca Morelle writes on how China is investing in science on the road to becoming a global leader in research.


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Millennials and Canadian Foreign Policy

June 7, 2016, Toronto, ON
A panel discussion amongst four esteemed speakers regarding the engagement of the Millennial Generation, and the pressing foreign policy issues of our time.
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What is the Future of the Oil in the Economic and Global Environmental Context?

June 8, 2016, Montréal, Québec
Featuring Canadian economist and author Jeff Rubin.

OpenCanada 5th Anniversary Panel: The Left At War

June 9, 2016, Toronto, ON
To mark our fifth anniversary, OpenCanada is hosting its first public event — a panel on the state of leftist foreign policy.

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