Human rights scholar Payam Akhavan reflects on how today’s brand of hateful populism differs from that of the past, and what is required to change course.


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Finding empathy in the age of rage

Human rights scholar Payam Akhavan reflects on how today’s brand of hateful populism differs from that of the past, and what is required to change course.
NATO in Latvia

Connecting the dots on defence research in Canada

With the launch of a new network of security experts in Canada, Steve Saideman chats with OpenCanada about the state of defence research in this country and the issues on his radar.
Angela Merkel

What the departure of Angela Merkel could mean for Europe

The UK’s Theresa May has announced her resignation — could Germany’s first female chancellor be next? Merkel’s departure — whenever it occurs — shouldn’t trigger drama for liberal Europe, but instead could be a chance for a rebirth, writes Christine Keilholz.

Six steps Canada must take to win a UN Security Council seat

In Case You Missed It: With just over a year left before the vote, Canada needs to kick its campaign for a UNSC seat into high gear. Writing for OpenCanada last week, Ola Mohajer listed six must-dos over the next 12 months.



Refugee check in

Since the 2015 federal election, 58,650 Syrian refugees have been admitted to Canada. With another election around the corner in October and “the emergence of irregular refugees as a new hot-button political issue,” now is as good a time as any to check in on the progress of the “class of 2015/16.” Peter Shawn Taylor does so in Maclean’s, spending time with one Syrian family who are thrilled to be here and are taking challenges in stride.
The New Yorker

The Brexit Party

In The New Yorker, Sam Knight writes about the UK’s new Brexit Party, which is only five weeks old but already 10 points ahead in the polls for this week’s European Parliament elections. Knight speaks with a “cheerily menacing” Nigel Farage — the party’s founder and the former leader of the UK Independence Party — who promises to be even more of a thorn in the side of Britain’s main political parties if the polls are correct.


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Monitoring Presidential Elections In Ukraine 2019

May 27, 2019, Winnipeg
Two election monitors for the recent presidential elections in Ukraine will share highlights of their experiences and discuss Canada’s involvement in international elections monitoring.
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The Dragon Stands Up: Insights Into Xi Jinping’s China

May 28, 2019, Ottawa
A Politics at the Pub event with Nathan VanderKlippe, the Asia correspondent for The Globe and Mail, moderated by Robert Fife, The Globe’s Ottawa bureau chief.
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Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry: Can Intellectual Property Rights Help?

June 3, 2019, Waterloo
A presentation by CIGI fellow Brigitte Vézina, who will explain the concept of cultural appropriation, drawing on examples from the world of fashion.

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