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Video: 150 years of Canadian foreign policy

Canada 150 video
In light of Canada's 150th celebrations this year, we explore the challenges and milestones of Canadian foreign policy over the last 150 years. Script written by journalist Michael Petrou and animated by Emmy Award-winning art director Santosh Isaac.

Axworthy: ‘We can’t simply leave refugee policy to border control’

Former Canadian minister of foreign affairs Lloyd Axworthy on the world’s flawed refugee system, why serious reform is needed, and his new project — the World Refugee Council. 
Chelsea Manning

Why I fought for Chelsea Manning

Ahead of Chelsea Manning's release from prison earlier this week, activist Evan Greer writes how "the U.S. government wanted to erase Chelsea Manning and the crimes she exposed." This is how — and why — Greer and others helped keep the whistleblower in the spotlight.
White House

What it means for U.S. allies when Trump shares information with Russia

Following reports on Tuesday that Trump revealed classified information in a recent meeting with Russia's Sergei Lavrov, Stephanie Carvin details what those outside the U.S., especially within ‘Five Eyes’ allied states, need to know.

Iranian elections: For voters, a perpetual choice between Islamist factions

As Iranians visit the polls Friday, they are again faced with voting for the lesser of two evils, writes Saeed Rahnema.


An impending impeachment?

When it comes to Donald Trump and Russia, the elephant in the room is “the big I-word — Impeachment,” writes Domenico Montanaro for NPR. After the firing of FBI Director James Comey, and revelation after revelation of Trump’s alarming connections to Russia, the calls for impeachment are increasingly growing louder and more serious. Here's a run-down of the big names considering it and why.

Journey to the end of the world

Antarctica is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. The recently formed Swiss Polar Institute invited a team of climate scientists to circumnavigate the continent to understand how this rapidly changing region will affect the world at large. In this interactive feature for Al Jazeera, join the team as they voyage to never-before studied islands and see first hand the effects of climate change. 


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Europe post Brexit and the election of Donald Trump

May 23, 2017, Ottawa
Join us for an evening with the Hon. Lawrence Cannon, Ambassador of Canada to France, and former Foreign Minister.
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Rights City/Ville des droits humains

May 26, 2017, Montreal
Join us at the #RightsCity global initiative to celebrate the role Montreal has played in advancing human rights worldwide.
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Great Canadian Debates: The government must act to save journalism in Canada

June 6, 2017, Ottawa
Does the government need to act to save journalism in Canada? A debate with John Honderich and Andrew Coyne at the Canadian War Museum.

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