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Canada’s missing Syrians

Missing Syrians 1
Though Canada has accepted some 50,000 Syrian refugees since late 2015, many have had pending cases for just as long. Over the past year, journalist Gareth Chantler interviewed several Syrians stuck in limbo in Turkey. 
Syria Assad

The new face of the Syrian Electronic Army

Once responsible for Assad’s offensive cyber operations, the Syrian Electronic Army is back. Its new mission, to reconquer Syrian cyberspace for the regime, may prove impossible. By Anwar Abas and Abdulrahman al-Masri.
Iran women

Western strategy on Iran should focus on human rights, not nuclear weapons

If leaders like Trump and Trudeau are serious about the wellbeing of Iranians, their policies should aim to change the Iranian government’s behaviour on human rights, not just end its nuclear program, writes Michael Petrou

America’s Goldilocks power problem

With recent action on Syria, North Korea and Iran, Trump is proving to be a master at hard power but a soft power weakling, argues Matthew Bondy.


Russian reset

Shortly after taking office, Barack Obama initiated a "reset" strategy towards Russia, hoping to improve relations. But by 2011, things had gone south. As former US ambassador Michael McFaul describes it, he was sent to Moscow at the time to advance the reset, but instead "presided over its demise." In this Washington Post essay, he recounts his personal experience being the target of a Kremlin disinformation campaign.

Monsoon season

The hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees living in overcrowded Bangladeshi camps fled one crisis but are facing another, writes Sophie Cousins, as monsoon season — just weeks away — threatens to bring with it disease, landslides, flooding and death. Building stronger structures might make sense — except that in an election year, the Bangladeshi government doesn't want to signal that the Rohingya are there to stay. For Foreign Policy.


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Politics In The Pub: Election Meddling

May 23, 2018, Halifax
A Politics in the Pub event on Western engagement vs. Russian interference in elections with special guest Kevin Deveaux.
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Public Panel on Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector: Ten Years after the Global Financial Crisis

May 24, 2018, Toronto
This high-level panel will bring together an interdisciplinary group of some the world’s leading regulatory experts on financial stability and systemic risk. 
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Acting Digital — New Technologies and Statehood: The Estonian Case

May 25, 2018, Toronto
An address by Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, followed by a question and answer session.

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