Anecdotal evidence suggests there is an economic benefit to workforce diversity in Canada, yet few studies have measured the impact nationally. We’re setting out to change that.  


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How can we reinforce Canada’s pluralism model? Hard numbers.

Syrian refugee children
Anecdotal evidence suggests there is an economic benefit to workforce diversity in Canada, yet few studies have measured the impact nationally. Bessma Momani and Anna Klimbovskaia are setting out to change that.  
Turkey Refugees

Is the World Humanitarian Summit part of Turkey’s soft power strategy?

As Istanbul prepares to host the WHS later this month, Bruce Mabley asks how the summit fits into the country’s current foreign policy approach. 

Three recommendations for Canada’s defence review

From consulting NATO to weighing the cost of personnel, defence expert Steve Saideman lists key considerations.  

Follow the money: Where is Canada heading on the global stage?

The 2016 budget and recent announcements, such as increased support for the Global Fund, show where Canada is heading on the global stage, but there are still gaps when it comes to transparency, accountability and evidenced-based policy. By Aniket Bhushan.


the guardian

Sons of spies

In 2010, their parents were outed as Russian spies. Now, Alex and Tim Foley - or Alexander and Timofei Vavilov - are fighting to regain their Canadian citizenship. Does being the son of spies mean being stripped of one's identity? Shaun Walker recounts this tale of espionage, fake passports and sleeper cells in The Guardian.

A collapsing Venezuela

What is happening in Venezuela, when an entrepreneur can't find enough toilet paper in the country to keep his restrooms up to code? From Moises Naim and Francisco Toro, this piece in The Atlantic uses vignettes to depict the social effects of Venezuela's implosion, one at odds with the country's wealth and seeming modernity. 

Peace, but at what cost?

Despite a missed deadline back in March, Colombia's president has announced that a peace deal between his government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is near. But, Kyla Sankey asks in Jacobin, what is peace without justice? This latest deal "does not seriously challenge Colombia’s property structures or economic growth model," she writes, and will mean little for the country's rural poor.


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What’s Going On?: The US Election and Impacts on Canada

May 18, 2016, Victoria
An honest broker’s opinion from inside the Washington Beltway.
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The Hon. Bill Graham on The Call of the World, A Political Memoir

May 18, 2016, Ottawa
The Honourable Bill Graham will discuss his new book, The Call of the World.
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Books not Bullets: Global Peace through Equitable Access to Education

May 26, 2016, Waterloo
Lecture and discussion with Pakistani diplomat Ziauddin Yousafzai. 

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