Ousmane Aly Diallo peels back the layers of complexity surrounding UN peacekeeping efforts in Mali and suggests what could actually make a difference.


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Canada’s military heads to Mali — does it know what it’s getting into?

Mali peacekeeping
Ousmane Aly Diallo peels back the layers of complexity surrounding UN peacekeeping efforts in Mali and suggests what could actually make a difference.

Back on track, Germany now tasked with refocusing itself and patching up Europe

With US politics shaking up European alliances, Angela Merkel — now officially in her fourth term — has another chance to recalibrate Germany’s foreign policies. As Siobhán Dowling reports, her government has already hit the ground running. 

How to change the way we value, use and manage water

If water is life, coverage of water crises reminds us of death — and may be prompting us to ignore threats. Ahead of World Water Day, Sarah Wolfe explains the psychology behind our behaviour, and how we can act differently.  

Brazilians mourn Marielle Franco, the activist who gave voice to the favelas

Protestors have taken to the streets throughout Brazil since the March 14 assassination of a black city councillor who defied the country’s exclusionary structures. By Diana Thomaz.


The New Yorker

Memory and absence

For a new book, New Yorker writer Masha Gessen and photographer Misha Friedman go looking for traces of Soviet Gulags in Putin's Russia. They end up finding not memorials or museums, but absence — no reckoning, no attempt to "comprehend the incomprehensible." Laid out here are some of Friedman's gripping photographs.

Veterans' voices

As the war in Iraq turns 15, Jack Crosbie takes a look at media coverage of military affairs in the US. As traditional outlets have scaled back, he writes, "a new crop of online publications gives voice to veterans and military journalists, covering America’s wars and the people who fight them with an unvarnished blend of personal experience and investigative reporting." For the Columbia Journalism Review.


OpenCanada Mark Light

Panel: Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy

April 4, 2018, Toronto
Following OpenCanada's recent series on feminist foreign policy, this free talk at Ryerson University explores the concept. Featuring Foreign Policy Interrupted co-founder Elmira Bayrasli, government consultant and gender expert Lauren Dobson-Hughes, associate manager for strategy and learning at Mastercard Foundation Lamia Naji, and moderated by OpenCanada managing editor Eva Salinas. Panel begins at 6:30pm at the George Vari Computing and Engineering Centre, 245 Church St. Hosted by Ryerson's International Issues Discussion series. 
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Wonk Prom

April 12, 2018, Toronto
An annual celebration of politics, policy and the people who make it happen, Wonk Prom was conceived with the next generation of political movers and shakers in mind. This year’s event takes place at the Steam Whistle brewery in downtown Toronto. OpenCanada readers can save on advance tickets by using discount code “OCAN_WONK”.
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The Fate of Humans in a New Geological Age: Beginning to Think About the Anthropocene

April 24, 2018, Waterloo
Earth System scientists have concluded that as a result of human activities the Earth has recently entered a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. In this lecture, Clive Hamilton explores some of the profound implications.

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