Paul Meyer reports from a recent conference in Washington, where the abandonment of restraints on the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia has policy experts worried.


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What’s at stake when restraints on nuclear powers go out the window?

Paul Meyer reports from a recent conference in Washington, where the abandonment of restraints on the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia has policy experts worried.

Canada and the World, Ep. 33: How does the world see Canada?

Is Canada the idealistic, ambitious, liberal country it purports to be when it comes to its role in the world? Does the world see it that way? For this week’s episode, Christian Leuprecht, Claire Wählen, Aisha Ahmad and Steve Saideman join Bessma Momani in Ottawa to discuss.
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Redrawing the battle lines in the fight over Canada’s price on carbon

Canada’s carbon pricing system is being implemented as a way to help meet the country’s global emissions targets, but its future remains uncertain. Can industry assist in overcoming opposition? By Amy Janzwood and Scott Janzwood.

Moving forward with Palestine, the state

If Canada truly believes in a two-state solution, Craig Scott argues, it should reframe the issue as two states negotiating solutions.

Canada’s new space strategy missing key global elements

As Jessica West writes, while the strategy released this month includes new investments in space exploration and satellite technology, it misses diplomacy and governance completely.

Canada and the World, Ep. 32: On the ground with Canadian Armed Forces in Jordan

ICYMI: This recent episode offers a rare look into the efforts of the Canadian Armed Forces working as part of Operation Impact, the CAF training assistance mission in Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar and Jordan. Two women — Aisha Jawed and Sonia Dumouchel-Connock — share their on-the-ground experiences of building capacity with the ultimate goal of increasing security in the Middle East.


Return of the strongmen

In a thought-provoking essay in The Washington Post, Robert Kagan documents how authoritarianism — partially kept at bay during the Cold War years — has re-emerged as the greatest threat to the liberal democratic world order many have taken for granted over the last 70 years. And the stakes are high: “Liberalism is all that keeps us, and has ever kept us, from being burned at the stake for what we believe.”

Forced trafficking and voodoo

The trafficking of Nigerian women to Germany has intensified in recent years, with local investigators facing an added complication when trying to break up smuggling rings: victims have been instructed to stay silent or be cursed by the evil power of “Juju.” Alexander Epp and Olaf Heuser report for Spiegel Online in this visual story.


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#WEARENATO: The Alliance’s Efforts to Advance Women, Peace and Security

March 27, 2019, Toronto
To celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary, WIIS-Canada will be hosting a conference looking at the alliance’s efforts to advance the WPS agenda, as well as the role of Canada in NATO’s past, present and future.
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Cinema Series: “Menstrual Man” and “Period. End of Sentence.”

March 28, 2019, Waterloo
A public film screening of Menstrual Man, which tells the story of an unlikely hero who stood up for India’s ignored, and the Oscar-winning Period. End Of Sentence., which follows women and girls as they attempt to install a pad machine in their village.
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Disruptive Technology — Do Robots Want Your Job?

April 16, 2019, Waterloo
A symposium featuring a keynote address by author Martin Ford, who will explore the ways in which AI and automation are outpacing humans in a range of sectors.

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