‘He inspired a generation of young Canadians to study Canada, the country he dearly loved, and to ask big questions about the world all around us.’


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Canadians remember scholar Stephen Clarkson

An outpouring of tributes to the political scientist, who passed away Sunday, paints a portrait of an engaged and passionate academic who inspired countless Canadians.
UN peace operations

The UN gets serious about peace

From ensuring women’s participation to shifting toward sustaining peace, Rob Muggah lists top takeaways from recent UN reviews on fostering global stability. 
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How a national carbon policy would benefit Canadians and send the world a message

As provincial leaders met this week in Vancouver, Maria Panezi makes the case for carbon pricing — a trade-savvy approach that shows global leadership in tackling emissions while advancing Canada's green economy.

Why Arctic voices are critical to climate change strategies

The Paris climate change conference was over in a flash. As Lauren Kaljur writes for Arctic Deeply, the Arctic's Indigenous leaders are still demanding action. Here are five reasons why governments should be listening. 

Could the TPP boost Canada-Mexico relations?

Those debating the Trans-Pacific Partnership have overlooked one crucial benefit: the chance to build on renewed relations between Canada and Mexico. By Juan Navarro.

Seven ways Global Affairs Canada can step up its game

If Canada is to regain its stature on the world stage, writes Daryl Copeland, the performance of our foreign ministry will need to be improved. From our friends at Embassy News.


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A medical mystery

The Globe and Mail's Stephanie Nolen reports from Campina Grande, Brazil, where doctors are trying to piece together answers to countless questions about the Zika virus. For women birthing babies with severe brain defects, the situation is beyond urgent. "No one is suggesting mass fatalities," Nolen writes. "But when something is as fast, as weird and as brutal as Zika is here, the mystery is perhaps its most critical aspect." 
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Assessing Libya

In this two-part series for The New York Times, Jo Becker and Scott Shane delve into the role played by Hillary Clinton in the Obama administration's decision-making process surrounding the military intervention in Libya. "As she once again seeks the White House," they write, "an examination of the intervention she championed shows her at what was arguably her moment of greatest influence as secretary of state."


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CIC Toronto: The Role of the new Naval Maritime Tactical Operations Group

March 8, 2016, Toronto
Discussion with Lieutenant Commander Officer Wil Lund and Chief Petty Officer Chris Bethell. 
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CIC Halifax: Sharing the Burden – Canada’s role in NATO

March 9, 2016, Halifax
Benjamin Zyla examines Canada's commitments to and policy towards NATO.
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The Future of Canada’s Oil Sands in an Emissions Constrained World

March 16, 2016, Vancouver
CIGI Senior Fellow Jeff Rubin shares his long-term outlook on Canada’s fossil fuel production.

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