The government is on the right path with Bill C-59, argues Stephanie Carvin, but it should improve the way it talks about threats.


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Canada’s security overhaul needs a comms makeover to match

The government is on the right path with Bill C-59, argues Stephanie Carvin, but it should improve the way it talks about threats.

Overblown coverage: Why more care is needed in conflict and terrorism reporting

Jerónimo Mohar Volkow and Benoît Gomis on how skewed coverage of conflict and terrorism can be used politically — and how to think more critically when it comes to understanding violence. 

Accounting for Histories: 150 Years of Canadian Maple Washing

As Canada marks its 150th anniversary this weekend, Luke Savage looks at why its image as a multicultural, multilateral country of peacekeepers, drawn from an era now gone by, persists despite bearing little relation to its present actions on the world stage. Does this sanitized national narrative hold the country back from imagining something better? A longread for your Canada Day weekend.
Canada 150 video

Video: 150 years of Canadian foreign policy

In case you missed it the first time around: With July 1 in mind, this OpenCanada video, written by journalist Michael Petrou and animated by Emmy Award-winning art director Santosh Isaac, explores the challenges and milestones of Canadian foreign policy over the last 150 years.


Getting rid of refugees

For years after its creation, Israel welcomed refugees from all over, but in the past decade, as the number of African migrants swelled, the country's receptiveness has waned. In this investigation for Foreign Policy, Andrew Green looks at Israel's secretive system of shuffling refugees to Rwanda and Uganda, and then on to third countries — often as dangerous as the ones the asylum seekers left behind in the first place.

Russian meddling

Last August, the White House received a report from the CIA detailing Vladimir Putin's direct involvement in cyber efforts to interfere with and discredit the U.S. presidential election. Through interviews with more than three dozen U.S. officials, Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous of the Washington Post examine the way the Obama administration struggled in its response.


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Thunder Bay: Annual Branch Meeting

July 5, 2017, Thunder Bay
The CIC Thunder Bay Branch is holding their Annual Branch Meeting for members.
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11th Annual Midsummer Evening Get Together

July 19, 2017, Toronto
Please join Fraser Mann, president of the Toronto CIC branch, and other members of the executive, for this evening of networking and socializing.

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