As the dust settles after a turbulent G7 summit in Charlevoix, Lauren Dobson-Hughes takes stock of what was — and wasn’t — accomplished. 


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A G7 Post-Mortem: The good, the bad, and the legacy for Canada

As the dust settles after a turbulent summit in Charlevoix, Lauren Dobson-Hughes leads our G7 round-up this week, taking stock of what was — and wasn’t — accomplished. 
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G7 Charlevoix: The G6’s missed opportunity on climate change

While Washington’s actions have drawn much criticism, when it comes to climate action, the real disappointment may lie with the other members of the G7, writes Maria Banda.

Above all, big gains for women and girls were made at G7

Canada’s G7 presidency might not have made “gender inequality history,” but the Charlevoix summit may still very well be remembered as a milestone for women and girls worldwide. By Shaughn McArthur.
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Has the G7 lost its mojo?

And, another view, from John Sinclair: Trump’s hampering of the Charlevoix summit may be the final straw for the group — is it time for global leadership to shift to an enhanced G20? 


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Neighbour vs. neighbour

In this New York Times feature, Guy Lawson goes inside the campaign waged by Justin Trudeau’s government to prevent an all-out trade war with the United States. Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney give their thoughts on how to combat US President Donald Trump's "evident animosity and imperviousness to facts."

Offensive on Hodeida

This week, a Saudi-led coalition began an assault on the Yemeni port city of Hodeida, and many experts are worried about what this will mean for those suffering through the world's "most dire" humanitarian crisis. Hodeida is the "lifeline of the country," a UN official tells The Washington Post's Sudarsan Raghavan. "If you cut that port off, we have a catastrophe on our hands.”


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Chrystia Freeland’s Foreign Policy Address: One Year Later

June 18, 2018, Ottawa
This Politics at the Pub event will feature a panel discussion on Canada's foreign policy.
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Canada in International Law: At the Inflection Point

June 19, 2018, Ottawa
This CIGI conference will explore how Canada has contributed and is contributing to shaping global rule of law. 
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The Trump-Kim Summit: What’s Next For US/North Korean Relations?

June 20, 2018, Edmonton
A Politics at the Pub event featuring Dr. Brian Gold from the University of Alberta.

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