While the international priority is to defeat ISIS, the Syrian civil war deepens. If we truly want peace, it is time to address some of the tougher questions at the same time.


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Why initiatives to bring peace in Syria have got it wrong

Syria refugees
While the international priority is to defeat ISIS, the Syrian civil war deepens. If we want peace, it is time to address some of the tougher questions, writes Rouba Al-Fattal.

Gaps in cyberspace governance abound, 10 years after UN World Summit

Governance framework continues to lag far behind the growth of internet users. By Paul Meyer.

Does social media cause radicalization?

On the topic of brainwashing and terrorism, the jury is still out, as David Tabachnick explains.

The slow fight for renewable energy in Canada's North

As Chris Windeyer reports, in the quest for diesel-free power, Canada's northern territories may have an uphill battle. From our partners at Arctic Deeply

Women to watch in 2016

Irum Khan lists some of the women around the world that made strides last year, while looking ahead to what we might expect this year.

Twitterati 2015: The Women in Foreign Policy Edition

In case you missed it, our recent list of 75 social media influencers you should be following. 


The real roots of Sunni-Shia conflict

Saudia Arabia's execution of a popular Shiite cleric has inflamed tensions in a region that can scarcely afford more conflict. But what is really behind the religious sectarianism we're seeing in the Middle East? "Today's divide between Sunni and Shia isn't primarily about religion, and it's not ancient: It's quite recent, and much of it is driven by politics, not theology," writes Max Fisher for Vox.

An inconvenient relationship

Tracing the history of the United States' involvement with less-than-savoury Islamic groups from Afghanistan's mujahideen in the 1980s to al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria today, Andrew Cockburn highlights some uncomfortable truths from America's war on terror, for Harper's Magazine.


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Integrating the CAF DART into the International Humanitarian Response

Jan. 13, 2016, Nipissing
A presentation by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Izatt. 
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Global Inequalities: Why Some Countries Make Real Progress

Jan. 14, 2016, Halifax
Globe and Mail correspondent Stephanie Nolen on how some countries make progress on inequality.
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The Common Law of International Trade and the Future of the WTO

Feb. 3, 2016, Waterloo
A lecture by Thomas Cottier, Professor Emeritus of Law, and former Managing Director of the World Trade Institute.

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