As Chrystia Freeland sets out to establish a relationship with the Trump administration, there are three serious issues within her ministry that need dealing with. 


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Three challenges for Canada’s foreign ministry in the face of Trump

Chrystia Freeland
As Chrystia Freeland sets out to establish a relationship with the Trump administration, Daryl Copeland lays out the three serious issues within her ministry that need dealing with. 

What to expect from new ambassadors out of Canada and the United States

As Canada and the U.S. change up key diplomatic appointments, Colin Robertson lays out the challenges — and opportunities — for today’s diplomats.
Far-right meeting EU

Why a small meeting of far-right delegates in Europe shouldn’t go unnoticed

Do participation numbers matter? As more than one million marched around the world last Saturday in solidarity with women in Washington, a small ‘counter-summit’ took place in Germany. Only 800 far-right delegates turned up, but their slogans should be worrying. By Srdjan Vucetic
WM 10

In Pictures: Thousands of Canadians march in solidarity for women’s rights

With more than one million taking to the streets, Saturday’s women’s march truly went global. Jennifer Ferreira reports from Toronto.
Muslim Woman Canada

Making space for Muslim youth voices within dialogue on Canadian diversity

Do Muslim youth fear speaking up? A recent roundtable convened a group in order to hear their views on Canadian multiculturalism. Steven Zhou shares their insights.   


Tricks of the trade deal

In the lead up to the recent U.S. election, politicians characterized trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP as responsible for the loss of American manufacturing jobs and decreases in wage. In an article for Vox, Brad DeLong puts these claims to the test, and discovers that the overall impact of trade deals on America’s economy is not as bad as everyone thinks. 

The day after

In light of the women’s marches held across the globe last week, Micah White highlights notable protests throughout history, as well as what worked and what did not, in The Guardian. White calls the women's march on Washington "an exercise in infantile futility" since it lacked quantifiable goals and offers advice on how to turn last week’s spectacle into something more long-lasting and revolutionary.


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Legal Challenges Post Brexit

Jan. 31, 2017, London, UK
Speakers from the UK, the EU, Switzerland and Canada will present their perspectives on the future of financial and legal services and trade; on IP rights; on environmental law; and on human rights and freedom of movement.
CIC Logo - White Square

Security, Privacy and Oversight: Where is the balance?

Feb. 2, 2017, Halifax
A lecture by Reid Morden, who has served as Director of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of Atomic Energy of Canada. 
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Canada’s Contentious Maritime Boundaries: the West Coast and Arctic

Feb. 22, 2017, Victoria
A lecture by Robert Hage, formerly Director General of the Legal Bureau at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Canada’s representative to the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea.

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