With Donald Trump as president, it will be up to the Democrats to call out his blunders. But, as Stephen Blank writes, this cannot be their entire project.


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Trump’s inauguration signals the start of America’s real political rebuild

Trump inaug
With Donald Trump as president, it will be up to the Democrats to call out his blunders. But, as Stephen Blank writes, this cannot be their entire project.
Obama laughs

Eight Obama moments that won the hearts of Canadians

As Barack Obama packs up from the West Wing, here are some of the most memorable moments that grabbed Canada’s attention. By Krista Hessey.

Baltics brace for the possible loss of United States as an ally

While Canada’s upcoming mission in Latvia won’t fully replace the support of the U.S., such signs of allegiance come as a relief to the region, writes Andris Banka.
Trump magazine cover

For political scientists, is Trump a black swan?

Within international relations, individual characteristics of leaders are often downplayed in favour of systemic explanations. As Steve Saideman asks, does the election of Donald Trump reveal a blind spot in the science of politics?


The resource curse

For GlobalPost Investigations, Erin Banco meets with members of the Peshmerga, or Kurdish military, tasked with protecting Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil pipelines. Despite good intentions, it quickly becomes clear that a resource once viewed as the country’s ticket to economic prosperity is now a cause for conflict and corruption. “There is no such thing as altruism, personal gain is the underlying motivator,” says one interviewee.
the guardian

The rise of post-truth politics

In The Guardian, William Davies argues that the rise of the populist right has caused statistics to lose their power. Their ability to accurately portray the world now seems questionable, and they are increasingly being used to stir controversy and division. With an increasing amount of people providing their own versions of the truth, what will this mean for democracy?


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The 4th Annual CIC Toronto Student Foreign Policy Debate

Jan. 23, 2017, Toronto
CIC Toronto, in partnership with the Hart House Debates Committee, presents this student debate, which will have as its resolution: “This house believes that Canada’s foreign policy should be driven by the need to close the global inequity gap.”
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Global Migration and Labour: Racialized Dimensions

Jan. 26, 2017, Waterloo
Professor and award-winning author Kamal al-Solaylee will talk about his most recent book, Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone).
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Security, Privacy and Oversight: Where is the balance?

Feb. 2, 2017, Halifax
A lecture by Reid Morden, who has served as Director of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of Atomic Energy of Canada. 

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