Global Affairs Canada reaches 2.5 million people online. But can the government turn Facebook likes and retweets into something more substantive? 


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Digital Diplomacy: How is the Canadian government faring on social media?

Global Affairs digital diplomacy
Global Affairs Canada reaches 2.5 million people online. But, as researchers at the University of British Columbia propose here, can the government turn Facebook likes and retweets into something more substantive? 
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Five reasons Canada faces an uphill battle in its anti-ISIS efforts

Canada's military strategy in Syria and Iraq has officially changed. Now what? Here are five challenges it will need to address going forward. By Stephanie Carvin.

Where’s the diplomatic element in Canada’s anti-ISIS strategy?

While Monday’s announcement to withdraw Canada’s CF-18s was no surprise, David Carment argues Global Affairs missed an opportunity by leaving its diplomatic corps out of this effort. 
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Breaking down Canada's military training mission in Iraq

Will this training mission be similar to previous efforts in Afghanistan? Steve Saideman offers answers to six frequently asked questions on the next stage of Canada's battle against ISIS.

Arab Dawn: Shining a light on optimism in the Middle East

The Arab Spring didn’t birth the political revolution many had hoped for. But as Bessma Momani discovered while researching her new book, youth in the Middle East are now spurring a social and cultural shift. By Catherine Tsalikis.
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Books, not bombs: Exploring a crucial missing piece in counter extremism strategies

We kicked off a new series this week in partnership with McGill University’s Initiative in Globalization and the World's Religions. With pieces by Claudia Colvin, Ratna Ghosh and Daniel Cere, it explores the role of religious education in the fight against violent extremism. 


The New Yorker

Life on the Chinese-Russian border

For this New Yorker piece, Peter Hessler speaks with Davide Monteleone, an Italian photographer studying life along the border of Russia and China. Monteleone gives a fascinating portrayal of a region where everything from marriage to bridge projects is looked at through the lens of a particular blend of two cultures.
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Touring Venezuela

Reporter Nicholas Casey on his first 30 days covering Venezuela for The New York Times. The hopelessness he finds is striking and heartbreaking, in a country "where hospitals already lack syringes, supermarkets struggle to stock basic goods, and the government has declared an economic emergency while sitting upon the world’s largest reserves of oil."


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CIC Hamilton: Global Market Update

Feb. 16, 2016, Hamilton
Join the branch for an enlightening conversation with John Stephenson.
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CIC Victoria: Vietnam’s Heroines: How Revolutionary Women are shaping economic take-off

Feb. 17, 2016, Victoria
Lecture by Dr. Kate Frieson, Advisor to UN Women in Vietnam.
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What Canada Needs to Do After Paris: Climate Policy and Decision-Making

Feb. 18, 2016, Waterloo
Workshop including two panel discussions on climate change from a legislative and policy perspective. 

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