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OpenCanada’s Best of 2015

This week, we bring you the best of OpenCanada, Canada's most memorable FP moments, our annual Twitterati list — the women in foreign policy edition — and our lists of what to watch out for in 2016. From all of us at, thanks for reading and have a wonderful holiday!

Twitterati 2015: The Women in Foreign Policy Edition

This year, OpenCanada celebrates the contributions of women in foreign policy. Explore our interactive list of the top 75 social medial influencers you should be following on Twitter.
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Five ways to include more women in foreign policy

From increasing the number of female guests on global affairs shows to adopting a feminist foreign policy, there is more than one way to tackle the challenge. By Nadine Habib.
Virtual Reality

Five technologies that will alter our world in 2016

We asked five experts about the technologies that will transform the way we do everything from humanitarian work to banking to warfare in 2016. With contributions from Karl Kathuria, Matthew BoltonNonny de la Peña, Kevin HillMalcolm Campbell-Verduyn and Marcel Goguen.

10 events to watch for in 2016

As 2015 winds down, mark your calendars with this mix of upcoming events slated for Canada, North America and the international community.

2015 in Review: Canadian foreign policy moments to remember

With a change of government and a wave of global events, this was a significant year for Canada. Here are 10 moments you won’t want to forget.
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Justin Trudeau ends 2015 on a high note

In the two months since taking office, the Liberal prime minister has hit the global stage running, embodying the Canadian spirit of multilateralism and inclusivity, writes Jeremy Kinsman. From the January issue of Policy Magazine.


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2015 in visualizations

A collection of maps, data-driven articles and visual features from The New York Times. Often stunning and always informative, this list showcases pieces about issues as varied as Nepal's historic sites, the routes of refugees, the challenges facing Paul Ryan and the best and worst places to grow up.

The invention of modern time

The road to timekeeping as we know it has been filled with hard-fought reforms, revolt and emotion. In this piece for The Atlantic, Ian P. Beacock reviews Vanessa Ogle's The Global Transformation of Time, 1870-1950. This history of time "offers us a way to think more deeply about technological change at a moment when we're nearly overwhelmed by it."
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A coup by any another name...

The president of Brazil is facing impeachment and demonstrators in the streets abound, protesting either for or against Dilma Rousseff's removal. What is really behind this political turmoil - and is impeachment legitimate, or a way for the president's foes to execute a bloodless coup? Stephanie Nolen investigates for The Globe and Mail.

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