As the Syrian city falls this week, former Canadian diplomat Bruce Mabley explains why Assad’s victory will be short-lived and what the takeover means for the conflict.


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With the fall of Aleppo, heavy losses yet little to gain

As the Syrian city falls, former Canadian diplomat Bruce Mabley explains why Assad’s victory will be short-lived and what the takeover means for the conflict.
United Nations

Canada needs a grand strategy for the United Nations

If Canada wants a future seat on the UN Security Council, it has to make sure the international institution survives, argues Alexandra Buskie.
Internet Cuba

Why safe access to the Internet is a development issue

Internet access is vital for the growth of developing economies, yet not even half the world’s population has it. Stephanie MacLellan reports from last week’s Internet Governance Forum, where solutions were put forward.

Canada looks at possible changes to how it shares data among federal agencies, foreign partners

As Aala Abdullahi reports, hearings in Ottawa are questioning the national and international agreements that allow for the sharing of information in the name of Canada’s national security. 
"Not one more"

Was 2016 a wake up call for the normalization of gender violence across the Americas?

From Canada to Argentina, social movements this year targeted the persistence of gender-based violence. Now we need action to establish new norms, writes Teresa Kramarz.

Pluralism in Action: In an economic slump, is diversity in the workplace a casualty?

As part of The Pluralism Project, a roundtable in Calgary discusses ways to make sure local companies and organizations are reinforcing a diverse workforce, especially during an economic downturn. By Salimah Kassamali.


The last diplomat

In the fall of 2014, longtime American diplomat Robin Raphel, known for her extensive experience and connections in Pakistan, arrived home to find the FBI searching her files. For The Wall Street Journal, Adam Entous and Devlin Barrett piece together the ultimately unfounded investigation into Raphel's particular brand of on-the-ground diplomacy that clashed with "the new realities of covert surveillance."

7,000 miles to salvation

Washington Post reporter Chico Harlan follows Dumano Aristide, a 29-year-old Haitian, who decided to make the treacherous trip from Brazil to the U.S. after being laid off from his job. Like thousands of other migrants this year, largely from Haiti and Africa, he trekked across numerous countries in hopes of finding salvation in America, just as political tides turned against him. 


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Thailand After the King: What Happens Next?

Jan. 18, 2017, Victoria
Canada’s most recent ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Phil Calvert, will give his take on the factors that will govern Thailand’s political evolution after the death of the King.
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CIGI Cinema Series: "The Age of Consequences"

Jan. 18, 2017, Waterloo
Screening of Jared P. Scott's "The Age of Consequences," which takes a new twist on climate change.
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Global Migration and Labour: Racialized Dimensions

Jan. 26, 2017, Waterloo
Professor and award-winning author Kamal al-Solaylee will talk about his most recent book, Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone).

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