With a new report on online governance out, we look at the considerations that should be front of mind when figuring out how to make the Internet of the future as inclusive and open as possible.


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Five issues that should decide the future of the Internet

With a new report on online governance out, John Woodside looks at the considerations that should be front of mind when figuring out how to make the Internet of the future as inclusive and open as possible.

The West, ISIS and the “everywhere war”

As the Islamic State harnesses the power of the Internet, jihad has become ‘do it yourself.’ To counter the threat of lone wolf attackers far from Iraq and Syria, Kyle Matthews and Egor Fedorov argue, governments need to take action to simultaneously disrupt ISIS’ online communications and get to the root of the problem at hand: ideology.

Peacekeeping of the future: Thinking through Canada’s options in Africa

Canada’s defence minister isn’t shying away from the complexities that will be involved in any future mission to Africa. James Cohen outlines the issues the government should take into account when figuring out where to send Canadian soldiers next – and how to succeed when there.
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Three ways Canada can update its approach to global development

On the heels of Canada’s international assistance review, aimed at better responding to the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly connected world, a new report emphasizes the need for a real Canadian development strategy, not just an update to foreign aid policy. By Aniket Bhushan.

What tourists should consider when visiting the Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic is attracting more tourists than ever before. For OpenCanada and Arctic Deeply, Arctic tourism experts Jackie Dawson and Margaret Johnston offer suggestions on making the most of a visit to these remote communities and fragile ecosystems.


Dwindling hope in South Sudan

For The Washington Post, Kevin Sieff captures the anxieties of South Sudanese civilians living in a floundering U.N. displacement camp in Malakal. Facing extreme weather, food shortages, crumbling facilities, low morale and the threat of spreading violence from the capital, Juba, those in the camp worry peacekeepers might not be able to protect them for much longer. 
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Tales from Puerto Rico, America's Greece

In The New York Times, Mary Williams Walsh relays the stories of Puerto Ricans who live in precarious conditions as the island suffers a massive debt crisis. From a mother who resides in a crumbling public housing complex to a doctor whose hospital can no longer afford medical supplies, Walsh paints a surreal and haunting depiction of a state at odds with itself.


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The Importance of Security and Intelligence in Canada Today

Aug. 18, 2016, Victoria
A lecture and dinner with former national security advisor and CSIS director Richard Fadden. 
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Beggar-thy-Neighbour: Hurdles of International Trade Governance

Sept. 8, 2016, Waterloo
Lecture by Jim Stanford, one of Canada’s best-known economic commentators.

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