This leak is just the tip of the iceberg. From Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction to what’s next, here’s what Canadians should know about the issue. 


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Five things you need to know about the Panama Papers

This leak is just the tip of the iceberg, reports Krista Hessey. From Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction to what’s next, here’s what Canadians should know about the issue. 

From Vancouver to Damascus and back again: Q&A with former minister Bill Graham

As Graham releases his political memoir, he speaks with Catherine Tsalikis about the 2003 decision not to join the U.S. in Iraq, what he learned from Libya and how today’s world poses different challenges for the current Canadian government.   
Taylor at Policy Dinner

Public Policy Forum: A policy challenge for the 21st century

At this week’s Public Policy Forum dinner, event honouree Taylor Owen challenges institutions and think tanks to evolve and innovate, or risk irrelevance. Read his remarks here.

A disappointing finale for Obama’s nuclear summits

Seven years ago, Obama set high hopes for his plan to rid the world of nuclear weapons. With his summits now over, he leaves a list of failures as his legacy on nuclear security, writes Paul Meyer.

Canadian Defence Review: Substance or paper?

Steve Saideman raises several questions around the now-launched defence review, from how binding it will be to whether the right experts on military issues will be consulted in the process.
Typhoon in China

Making climate agreements accountable to the world's most vulnerable communities

Those who already live with the effects of climate change, and need accountability most, lack the power to influence accountability mechanisms. Here's Teresa Kramarz on why that’s a big problem.
James Foley

The misunderstanding of U.S. journalist James Foley

A new documentary on James Foley, who was killed by ISIS in 2014, had its international premiere this week in Toronto. Krista Hessey speaks with the film's director - and Foley's childhood friend - Brian Oakes.

A Movement Rises

Angela Sterritt's #longread on missing and murdered Indigenous women was listed as a finalist this week for the Canadian Association of Journalists' annual awards. Read the full piece here.


Shifting borders

Throughout history, over time, the lines between states have changed, leaving the world a difference place from century to century. But where Russia and Georgia meet, the border shifts nightly, as South Ossetian troops and their Russian allies push the line of demarcation further and further, taking with them more land and, sometimes, people. Paul Salopek reports for Politico.
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What makes a European?

For The New York Times, James Angelos profiles one town in Bavaria, where the arrival of Syrian refugees has meant hard questions about what it means to be German. Angelos says of one newcomer: “He believed Germany was far more hospitable than other European countries, but still, he would always be a foreigner. When people saw him, they thought: ‘Nicht aus Deutschland,’ he told me. Not from Germany.”


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Keeping Canadians Safe Abroad – Canadian Consular Services

April 11, 2016, Toronto
A talk with former Assistant Deputy Minister William Crosbie.
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International Trivia Night

April 12, 2016, Nipissing
Try your hand at foreign policy trivia with CIC Nipissing.
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Book Launch: "The New Arab Wars: Uprisings and Anarchy in the Middle East"

April 13, 2016, Toronto
Launch of a new book by Marc Lynch.

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