Canada’s resettlement program brought in 60,000 Syrians over the past four years. Should it be seen as a success?


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Canada’s Syrian resettlement efforts: A flash in the pan?

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Canada’s resettlement program brought in 60,000 Syrians over the past four years. Should it be seen as a success? A new feature story by Gareth Chantler.
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Could Bashir be headed to the International Criminal Court?

It is unlikely Sudan’s now ex-president, Omar al-Bashir, will face trial in The Hague, at least for the time being. Still, argues Mark Kersten, the ICC should be ready in case it happens.
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Why ‘modernizing’ development assistance doesn’t make it more effective

An increasing reliance on private investment for international development makes evaluating government contributions trickier, write Matt Gouett and Rachael Calleja.

Canada and the World, Ep. 37: Uprising in Sudan and Algeria

Months of protest in Sudan and Algeria have led to the departures of long-time leaders Omar al-Bashir and Abdelaziz Bouteflika, respectively. But the protests are not over. A new podcast episode exploring the civilian movements featuring Rim-Sarah Alouane, Khalid Mustafa Medani, Amir Ahmad Nasr and host Bessma Momani.


The New Yorker

Guantánamo’s secrets

In The New Yorker, Ben Taub reports on the unlikely friendship between an American guard at Guantánamo Bay and the purportedly high-value prisoner he is assigned to watch. It doesn’t take long for the guard to question whether the prisoner’s detention is merited at all. As Taub reveals, it wasn’t, raising some serious questions about the global war on terror.
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The Mueller report

After a 22-month investigation, a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 US election has been released by the Justice Department. The New York Times shares excerpts from and analysis of the report, which reveals that prosecutors “ultimately decided not to charge Mr. Trump, citing numerous legal and factual constraints, but pointedly declined to exonerate him.”


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Defending Democracy: Cyber Security and the 2019 Federal Election

April 23, 2019, Waterloo
A discussion with Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould on the importance of and considerations around cyber security in the upcoming federal election.
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Utopia or Dystopia: What is the Future of Natural Resource Governance?

April 25, 2019, Vancouver
A panel will discuss future scenarios on the important issue of resource governance from the perspective of economic development, gender and the environment.
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Claws Of The Panda: Beijing’s Campaign of Influence and Intimidation In Canada

April 26, 2019, Toronto
Jonathan Manthorpe, who has worked for 40 years as a foreign correspondent and international affairs commentator, will speak about Canada’s failure to construct a workable policy towards the People’s Republic of China.

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