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International Journal: Canada’s journal of global policy analysis, is planning a special, peer-reviewed, issue on the past, present, and future of international education. IJ combines policy briefs (3,000 words, limited footnotes) with longer scholarly assessments (up to 8,000 words, including up to 60 notes) of interest to foreign policy-makers and analysts in Canada and abroad. The journal is cross-disciplinary, combining the insights of history, political science, and economics with anthropology and other social sciences to advance research and dialogue in the field of international relations, broadly defined.

We welcome submissions that consider any of the following elements of international education as an element of international policy or scholarship:

  • How, when, and/or where the idea of international education evolved from a primarily domestic preoccupation to a global foreign policy challenge
  • Historical and contemporary case studies of individual states’ approaches to international education
  • Comparative assessments of national and/or subnational approaches to international education
  • The state of global governance in the field of international education
  • The future of international education as a global policy issue
  • The scholarship of international education

Authors who wish that their essays be considered for publication in the special issue are asked to submit complete manuscripts by 20 February 2015 to allow time for peer review. Papers that reach IJ after the deadline will be considered for publication in the journal at a later date. IJ accepts submissions through the Scholar One website at the Scholar One website, which is accessible here. Full details on submission format and style can be found at here.

Please forward any questions to either of the journal’s co-editors, Adam Chapnick or Mairi MacDonald

The Latest Issue: New Directions in the Study of International Relations


Editors’ Introduction to International Journal Vol. 69, No. 4

As International Journal prepares to launch its 70th volume in 2015, we present two clusters of articles on topics that demonstrate how far international relations scholarship has evolved since the end of the Second World War. When IJ was first published in 1946, members of the academic community were not raising questions about the purpose and use of private military security companies (PMSCs). Indeed, as Aaron Ettinger demonstrates in his review essay of two of the classic texts in the field, the seminal works on the privatization of force did not appear until little more than a decade ago. IJ is therefore delighted that Christopher Spearin, one of Canada’s leading scholars on military and security contracting, was able to encourage a number of his equally notable international colleagues to contribute to an evolving conversation on PMSCs that involves scholars and practitioners alike. Dr. Spearin has also graciously provided our readers with a brief introduction to the collection.

The role and place of gender in international affairs were equally absent from early issues of IJ. Today, however, Women in International Security (WIIS), a global network of women and men dedicated to women’s leadership in peace and security, is one of a number of organizations expanding the depth and breadth of scholarship that considers gender as a critical element of global policy analysis. IJ is pleased to present articles based on the work of participants in WIIS-Canada’s 2013 workshop, and we have invited Stéfanie von Hlatky and Maja Catic, chairs – along with Anessa Kimball – of the last two annual WIIS-Canada workshops, to introduce them.

We also include a ‘lessons of history’ essay from McMaster University’s Bonny Ibhawoh, which explores continuing tensions in the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a series of book reviews of some of the best recent scholarship in international relations.

Mairi MacDonald, University of Toronto
Adam Chapnick, Canadian Forces College and Royal Military College of Canada

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About IJ

International Journal (IJ) is Canada’s pre-eminent journal of global policy analysis. It combines brief, policy-relevant articles with longer, peer-reviewed, scholarly assessments of interest to foreign policy-makers, analysts and academics in Canada and around the world. IJ is cross-disciplinary, combining the insights of history, political science, and economics with anthropology and other social sciences to advance research and dialogue on issues of global significance.

Established in 1946, IJ is the scholarly publication of the Canadian International Council (CIC) and the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History (CCIH). The CIC is a non-partisan, nationwide council established to strengthen Canada’s role in international affairs. The Bill Graham Centre is a joint undertaking of Trinity College and the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. It promotes the study of recent international events from a historical standpoint, and pursues programs of research, teaching, publication and other activities to that end.

In 2013 the CIC and the Bill Graham Centre were pleased to partner with SAGE Publications to publish International Journal. Read more about the new partnership here.





Adam Chapnick, Co-Editor

Adam Chapnick is the deputy director of education at the Canadian Forces College and an associate professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. He joined the Canadian Forces College in 2006 and currently teaches courses in Canadian governance and strategic decision-making and Canadian foreign policy.

Among his five written or edited books, Canada’s Voice: The Public Life of John Wendell Holmes (2009) and The Middle Power Project: Canada and the Founding of the United Nations (2005) were shortlisted for the annual Dafoe Prize.

He is also a regular commentator in the national media. His opinion editorials have been published in the National Post, the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, the Calgary Herald, and the Embassy. He has appeared as a foreign policy expert on Canada AM and CBC radio.

He holds a PhD in history from the University of Toronto.


Mairi MacDonald, Co-Editor

Mairi MacDonald is the director of the International Relations Program in Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Since joining Trinity in 2011, she has taught courses concerning the decolonization of Africa, international development, and legal ethics.

Before receiving her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2009, she practised law for a number of years, specializing in the policy and law of telecommunications and broadcasting in Canada, Europe, and several African countries, and was involved as instructing counsel in the creation of Canada’s current legislative framework in this area. She has published a number of articles drawn from her award-winning doctoral research concerning Guinea’s accession to and experience of independence. Her current research focuses on the implications of the fact that the Scramble for Africa was framed as a matter of international humanitarian law.



Submissions to the journal are welcomed in the following categories:

Policy briefs: contemporary global policy assessments of approximately 3,000 words that aim to shape public debate. Footnotes should be limited to 15.

Scholarly essays: extended analyses of 5,000 to 8,000 words that explore topics in global policy and international relations with significant rigour and scholarly depth. These articles may include up to 60 footnotes.

Book reviews: reviews of approximately 1,000 words, as well as review essays of approximately 3,000 words. Please contact the Book Reviews Editor, Mathilde von Bülow, at

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The editors also welcome proposals for thematic issues. For further details, please contact the editors directly at or



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The Marvin Gelber Essay Prize carries an award of $1000 and is given annually to the author of the best article by a junior scholar in a volume of IJ.
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