The Canadian Aid Conversation


In June, UN Foundation Senior Fellow John McArthur started a new conversation about Canada’s foreign aid policy with a three-part series here on McArthur argued that the country needed a new "demand-driven approach" that first considered the challenges of global development and then asked how Canada can best tackle those challenges.

Here, we continue the conversation that McArthur started with comments from a number of foreign aid experts. We'll be adding new content to this page regularly.

In the series


Sustaining Development

OpenCanada talked to Nina Munk about Jeffrey Sachs, the Millennium Villages, and measuring the effectiveness of aid.

Rethinking Canadian Aid

An introduction to the "Rethinking Canadian Aid" symposium, a conversation about foundations, contradictions, and possibilities for Canadian aid.

A Healthier Approach to Canadian Aid

Prabhat Jha on how Canada can do more to help save lives around the world.

Beyond the Echo Chamber

Liam Swiss on why a real "new Canadian aid conversation" will be one that grows to include critical voices from across the political spectrum.