OpenCanada, in partnership with The North-South Institute, and with contributions from International Institute for Sustainable Development, has created a space to explore the relationship between sustainability and the next generation of Millennium Development Goals. The aim of the series is three-fold: to consider competing conceptions of sustainability; to debate if and how sustainability should be integrated into global development goals; and to evaluate the different proposals and processes that will inform the development of the post-2015 framework. Below you will find essays, comments, interviews, and infographics, as well as links to related current projects. Do we need Sustainable Development Goals? Follow the discussion on Twitter @TheCIC, @NSI_INS, #cicSDG.

We'll be adding content to this page on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned.


A Guide to the Post-2015 Debates

John McArthur

Confused about who wants what in the debates around sustainability. This is your cheat sheet for what's on the table.


Brundtland Revisited

Jim MacNeill

The lead author of the Brundtland Commission's landmark report on sustainable development, Our Common Future, reflects on the state of world 25 years on.


On the Road to Replacing the MDGs

Kate Higgins

The 2015 target date for the UN Millennium Development Goals is getting closer. What should come next?


David Miller on Sustainability and Cities

OpenCanada talked to the former mayor of Toronto and current adviser to the World Bank about how action at the municipal level can contribute to global sustainability.


Our Growing/Falling Consumption

The Millennium Consumption Goals, proposed in 2011 as a complement to the MDGs, were created to address the emerging challenge of resource shortages. This infographic considers where we stand on energy consumption.


Faith In Sustainability

Karen Hamilton

How faith communities have helped move the discussion around sustainability forward.

In the series


How Data is Revolutionizing Development

Sabina Alkire, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, on the important role of measurement in poverty eradication.

World Economic Forum (on Africa) meets the BRICS

Daniel Poon on whether new institutions for development promise to strengthen or undermine existing forums.

A Sustainable Forum

Kate Higgins on the need for a forum that fully embraces all three dimensions of sustainable development.

Taking Security Seriously

Robert Muggah on why the MDG High-Level Panel needs to take conflict, violence, and fragility seriously.

Wanted: A Real Global Partnership

John Sinclair on why the most recent model for a Global Partnership on development is failing to reach its potential.

An Unequal Partnership

Fraser Reilly-King on why the post-2015 framework still misses the meaning of 'partnership' in 'global partnership'.

New Development Goals For a New World

Derek Evans on how the nature of global poverty has changed, and why the post-2015 MDGs need to reflect that change.

One Size Only, One Global Customer?

John Sinclair on why universality and tiering should be part of the post-2015 Millennium Development Goal conversation.

George Haynal on Corporate Statecraft

OpenCanada talked to the professor of global practice at the Munk School about re-imagining the relationship between corporations and sustainability.

David Souter on the Development-Technology Disconnect

OpenCanada talked to the Managing Director of ICT Development Associates about how the spread of new communication technologies are challenging understandings of sustainability.

Sustainable Communication

Don MacLean on how communication technology create both opportunities for and threats to sustainable development.