ISIS, by the numbers

How many fighters? How many countries fighting ISIS? How many refugees?
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April 20, 2015

The estimated size of the territory currently controlled by ISIS: 90,000 km3

The estimated population of that territory: 6.5 million

The CIA’s estimate of the number of fighters in ISIS: 31,500

The Kurdish estimate: 200,000

The estimated number of foreign fighters who have joined Sunni militant organizations in Iraq and Syria: At least 20,000

The portion of those who are nationals or residents of Western European countries: 1/5

The number of countries in the Global Coalition to Degrade and Defeat ISIL: Over 60

The number of member countries involved in the bombing ISIS: 12

The number of those countries that are from the Middle East: 4

The number of weapons released by coalition forces between August 2014 and March 2015: 11,550

The average daily cost of operations related to ISIS: $8.5 million

The number of internally displaced persons in Syria: 7.6 million

The number in Iraq: 3.3 million

The portion of that number displaced in just 2014: 2/3

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