Kristina Tomaz-Young

Kristina Tomaz-Young is the founder and president of Venture Cap TV and Smart Initiatives, Inc. Venture Cap TV is a web broadcasting initiative featuring exciting start-ups on the rise and idea backers from around the globe and aims to build business partnerships, dialogues and an exchange of best practices locally and internationally. This venture was a creation of Smart Initiatives, a market-centric business strategy consulting boutique partnering with multinationals, corporations and start-ups in Canada, the US, Asia and Europe. Prior to that, Kristina was Vice President at Competia, Inc., a leading dotcom and professional development firm in the strategic and competitive intelligence arena. Earlier on, she was a Project Director at Alcan Aluminium (now Rio Tinto) where she reported to executive management and led projects in a wide variety of sectors that often spanned across two or more continents. Kristina has built a reputation as an innovative thinking, "make it happen" leader. She is known to successfully ignite, develop, implement and communicate unconventional ideas and original business strategies. Kristina comfortably and effectively leads multi-disciplinary teams and solid strategic alliances at local and international levels. With extensive senior management accomplishments in strategic initiatives for large corporations and start-ups alike from a variety of sectors, she is a hybrid combining big business experience with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has a vibrant passion for creative, fast paced environments where exciting challenges motivate teams and a successful mix of new technologies, digital media and fresh ideas are developed, carefully tested for their viability and then brought to market. Through the years, Kristina's also been involved in cross border leadership initiatives and discussion forums. From co-chairing a global business issues conference in her graduate studies hosting a top tier selection of guests and speakers representing international policies and business interests from around the world to being one of the researchers/interviewers for Montreal International's report, "Montréal, Ville de savoir (City of Knowledge)", studying, among other issues, why talented, up and coming Montrealers chose to build their careers abroad, what they appreciate elsewhere, what they expect from a knowledge city and what Montreal needs to do to attract them back home, Kristina has actively sought best practices in leadership, new ideas and collaborative solutions on business and other levels at home and abroad. Today, Kristina continues to feed her passions by developing and recommending ideas and strategies along with fellow panelists of the Canadian International Council's Global Positioning Strategy project. Together, they explore how Canada could leverage its people, resources and experiences to strengthen its contribution and relations internationally. Kristina holds an MBA in Strategy and Finance, a graduate level certification in Asian Studies and a Bachelors degree in Marketing and International Business from McGill University. She also has reporting and on-air training at the Promedia School of Journalism and Broadcasting.