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Lawyer practising international law in Toronto
Josh Scheinert is a lawyer practising international law in Toronto. He has acted in international investment arbitrations, and taught various international law subjects as a visiting faculty at universities in India and Gambia in West Africa. Previously, he worked as the law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Federal Court (Canada). He has written on the convergence of international human rights and international criminal law, with a focus on crimes against humanity. He holds a Masters of Law from the University of Cambridge, with a specialization in international law. His law and undergraduate degrees are from Osgoode Hall Law School and McGill University.

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Breaking down the monster TPP text

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November 17, 2015

Each chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership requires close inspection and public consultation. But if successful, the TPP has the potential to be much more than a trade deal — it’s a bold experiment in supranational government.